Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!

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*[[Professor Oak]]
*[[Professor Oak]]
*[[Proffesor Juniper]]
*[[Professor Juniper]]

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Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures! is the 123th episode of the Best Wishes series. Now that he's finished his adventures in the region, Ash decides to leave Unova and return to the Kanto region.


[edit] Summary

The episode begins with a scene from Ash's dream. Ash is shown riding a Reshiram, when suddenly Iris and Zekrom, who she's riding, appears and challenges Ash to a battle. Zekrom attacks Ash and Reshiram which resulted in Ash falling out of bed and waking up from his dream.

Iris mentioned that she wasn't able to wake Ash up, therefore she told Pikachu to use Thunderbolt to wake him up. Ash remembers that the group is back in Nuvema Town and prepares to get dressed and leave the Pokemon Center.

Meanwhile, Jessie, James, and Meowth are speaking with their Team Rocket leader, Giovanni. They're explaining to Giovanni the details of the disbandment of Team Plasma, which pleases him. Giovanni praises Jessie, James, and Meowth, telling them to keep up the great work.

Back in the lab, Ash, Iris, and Cilan are eating with Professor Juniper. The professor questions Ash if he had gotten a good night's sleep, when he replies that he had, minus the part when Pikachu woke him up with a Thunderbolt. His comment annoyed Iris, but Cilan gets her to calm down. Professor Juniper mentioned that her father, Cedric Juniper, left Ash a message stating how fantastic he performed, which pleases Ash.

Professor Juniper changes topics, asking Ash of his plans now that his journey in Unova is completed. Ash replies that he plans to return home to the Kanto region and that he wants to speak to Professor Oak about his journey. Iris appears to be confused as to her next plans after the journey with her friends conclude. Juniper asks Cilan of his plans, before Iris interrupts them both. She states that she'll travel to the Kanto region with Ash with the purpose of meeting dragon types that she's never encountered before. Iris asks Ash if he's fine with her traveling with him a bit longer, and Ash agrees. Cilan states that he would like to go to the Kanto region as well. His goal is to travel to different regions to broaden his horizons as a Pokemon Connoisseur. Ash, Iris, and Cilan are excited that they're able to continue traveling with each other into the Kanto region.

Professor Juniper asks if Ash knows how he plans to return to Kanto, which he replies that he has not. She offers Ash to head back by ship. One of the ships head to the Kanto region after making several stops at the Decolore Islands. Juniper mentioned how there are many Pokemon that are located on the islands, some of them being very rare, which excites Ash, Iris, and Cilan. The three decide to accept Juniper's offer.

Meanwhile, outside of the lab, Jessie, James, and Meowth, are listening to the group's conversation about heading to Kanto by ship, so they start making preparations to disrupt the group..

Back inside of the lab, Ash contacts Professor Oak from the phone, and tells him his plans to travel through the Decolore Islands before reaching the Kanto region. Professor Oak mentions that taking a peek in the area would be great for Ash, which he agrees. Professor Juniper mentions that she has some of Ash's Pokemon ready to transfer at anytime. Professor Oak agress and starts to make preparations. He wishes Ash a safe trip home, as Muk, one of Ash's Pokemon, is shown jumping on top of Professor Oak before the call ends.

Professor Juniper drives Ash, Iris, and Cilan down to the port where they will be catching their ship that's bound for the Kanto region. She tells them to remain in the area, while she picks up their tickets. In the mean time, the group admires the ship that they believe they will be boarding on momentarily.

Nearby, Meowth tells James to execute the first part of the plan. Professor Juniper walks out of the building with the three tickets, but suddenly bumps into an old man, who's James in disguise. James picks up the tickets and switches them with different tickets, which Juniper did not notice. He gives the professor the fake tickets, which she thanks him for.

The professor returns to the group with the tickets, which are fake, but know one knows. She hands the group their tickets and mentions that she must return to the lab, so everyone says goodbye. Ash, Iris, and Cilan each thank her for her assistance throughout the Unova region.

As the group is walking towards the boat, Cilan mentions that while Kanto will be a nostalgia trip, it will be a new experience for himself and Iris, as they've never traveled through the region before. They arrive near the ship to present their tickets, but are told that they have the incorrect tickets and will not be able board the ship. Ash, Iris, and Cilan walks away, wondering which ship they're suppose to board, when a woman, Jessie in disguise appears before them. She asks them to present their tickets, which they agree to do. Jessie confirms that they have the correct tickets and instructs them to follow her towards the ship.

Ash, Iris, and Cilan immediately noticed the smaller size of the ship in comparison to the one that they was originally going to board, but they decide to pursue on the ship anyway. As the group walks aboard the ship, Jessie and James, both who are still in their disguises, speaks about the different services the ship has to offer. Jessie offers to take the Pokemon to their playroom, which Ash, Iris, and Cilan accepts. They all give her their Pokeballs and Jessie walks off to the playroom, while James show the group to their rooms.

As Jessie is walking with the Pokeballs, Pikachu and Axew runs ahead of her, causing Jessie to chase after them. Accidentally, one of the Pokeballs fall out of the tray, releasing Oshawott, who wanders off in another direction. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends finally arrive in their room, where they notice the small size, rough bed, and tilted frame pictures, but James creates excuses as to why that's the case. James asks the group to remain in their room until further notice and the door locks automatically after he leaves. Jessie leaves the Pokemon in the playroom and the door to that room locks automatically as well.

Oshawott continues to wander aboard the ship, until he overhears Jessie, James, and Meowth in the captain's room, discussing their plans.

Meanwhile, Iris mentions that she plans to check on the Pokemon in the playroom. As she walks toward the door, she has difficulty opening the door and realizes that they are locked inside of the room. Ash and Cilan attempt to open the door as well, but fail to do so. In the Pokemon playroom, Axew realizes that he and the Pokemon are trapped as well. Axew, as well as Pikachu attempt to open the door, but are unsuccessful.

Back with Team Rocket, they go into specifics with their plans. They mention that they'll set out to sea and toss Ash and his friends overboard, then they will continue on the ship with their Pokemon. Suddenly, Oshawott accidentally opens the door and falls, causing him to get spotted by Jessie, James, and Meowth. Oshawott attempts to use Razor Shell on Jessie, but she avoids it and Oshawott's attack damages the nearby machine, which results in the doors to the group's room and the Pokemon playroom unlocking, freeing everyone.

Ash, Iris, and Cilan reunites with Pikachu and Axew, and obtain the Pokeballs of their other Pokemon. Ash realizes that Oshawott is missing, so they head off to search for him before exiting the ship. They encounter Oshawott being surrounded by a disguised Jessie, James, and Meowth, all who recite their motto and reveal their Team Rocket identity. Jessie states that their plan was going well, until Oshawott stepped in the way, causing Ash to thank the water type Pokemon for helping everyone.

Jessie calls out her Woobat and James call out his Amoonguss, while Ash and Iris call out Pikachu and Excadrill respectively. While they are battling, Iris commanded her Excadrill to use Dig, without realizing that she's battling on a ship. That attack results in a hole in the ship, causing the water to enter inside. The ships starts to tip over, but Ash and his friends successfully hop off of it in time. James attempted to clog the hole with Amoonguss, but was unsuccessful. Moments later, the ship explodes, blasting off Team Rocket.

A random envelope falls from above onto Ash, which he opened, revealing their real tickets. Cilan informs the group that the ship would be departing at any moment, so they head off and successfully board the ship in time.

A man named Porter introduces himself as the chief of the ship and promises to make sure their voyage is as comfortable as possible. The episode ends with their ship finally leaving Unova and proceeding towards the Decolore Islands.

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