Hey You, Pikachu!

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Hey You, Pikachu! Boxart
Hey You, Pikachu! is a Nintendo 64 game that was released in North America and Japan only.

It was released in Japan in December of 1998, and to the North American market in November of 2000. The game uses the Nintendo 64 VRU, or Voice Recognition Unit, with a library of 200 words. The game allows the player to talk to and look after a Pikachu, after being told to by Professor Oak. The player can feed Pikachu, talk to it, and more, to do with actually ineracting with the Pikachu. It is very similar to the Sega Dreamcast game, SeaMan, also using a voice recognition unit. Other Pokémon can be talked to in the game.


Hey You, Pikachu tries to make the game as realistic as possible, when Professor Oak introduces you to a new piece of hardware that allows the player to talk to Pokémon. The player is a test candidate. Pikachu must become accustomed to the player, and the player must gain Pikachu's trust and friendship before he/she can fully interact with the Pikachu. Abra's Shop is a place where the player can buy itemd for the Pikachu using Pika Points. An amusing twist to the end of the game is that the game actually never ends. After exactly a year of playing, the player must release the Pikachu into the wild. He/she has to say goodybye to it several times before the Pikachu realises that it is being released. The Pikachu then returns to the player a little later.


Pokémon Channel for the Nintendo Gamecube is considered a sequel to Hey You, Pikachu. There was no other successful sequels to the game.

The game is considered to be a good game for the Nintendo 64, but the VRU limitations lets the game down in reviews, by having a very limited dictionary.

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