Route 14 (Kanto)

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Route 14 (Kanto)
A pleasant coastal road where the breeze blows and waves roar.
Route 15 Route 14 (Kanto) Route 13

Route 14 is a route in the southeastern part of Kanto that connects Route 13 and Route 15.


In Generations I and III, Route 14 includes the maze right next to Route 13. However, in Generations II and IV, Route 14 starts just south of the maze. The route appears to be on the coast of Kanto, as to the right there is only water. There is a small patch of tall grass to the left of a line of trees dividing the route in half as well as a tree (or multiple trees, depending on the game) that can be cut down. Walking to the bottom of the route and then to the left will bring you to Route 15 on the way to Fuchsia City.

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