A Battle of Aerial Mobility!

JP First Airing
October 24, 2013
US First Airing
February 1, 2014
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A Battle of Aerial Mobility! is the 3rd episode of the XY Series, as Ash and his friends continue their adventure in the Kalos region.



Serena and Fletchling

The episode begins at Serena's house, with Serena preparing to begin her journey. She's currently selecting the best hat that compliments her outfit. Grace, Serena's mother, walks into the room and Serena questions her on the hat she should pick. Although her mother selected a hat, Serena purposely chooses the one that her mother didn't pick, stating that the best choice is the one opposite from her mother's selection. Serena is now ready to head to Lumiose City to receive her starter from Professor Sycamore.

The episode shifts back to Ash and his group. Bonnie states that the Pokemon Center is where Ash can register for the Kalos Pokemon League. Ash turns to Clemont and expresses his gratitude for guiding him throughout the city. Clemont mentions that it's no problem and states that he was impressed with Ash for his courage, specifically when trying to save Garchomp on top of the Lumiose Tower. He also mentioned that Ash's actions gave him courage as well. Clemont believes that's the reason why Froakie chose Ash as his trainer. He briefly looks at Lumiose Tower, stating that he'll do his best as well, before the group proceeds further into the city.

Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie finally arrive at the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy greets the group and explains the services that the Pokemon Center has to offer. Ash asks to register for the Kalos League, which he successfully does. Wigglytuff, who Nurse Joy states is the assistant of the Pokemon Centers throughout Kalos, presents Ash with a badge case. Nurse Joy wishes Ash the best of luck in his journey.

Meanwhile, Jessie, James, and Meotwth of Team Rocket has also arrived in Kalos and are communicating with Giovanni. They plan to capture strong and rare Pokemon that can assist the Team Rocket organization in taking over the region, which pleases Giovanni. After ending their call, the trio expresses their excitement of managing to satisfy their boss. Suddenly, James took notice that his food was gone, and it's shown that his newly caught Inkay, who's under the table, was the one responsible for eating his food.

Back to Ash's group, he's speaking to Professor Oak, mentioning that he's arrived in the Kalos region and has successfully registered for the Kalos League. Ash also presents his newly captured Froakie, which excites Professor Oak, as he never seen one up close. Rotom, who's always extremely playful, randomly appears on the monitor and shocks Professor Oak. The professor remains in good spirits and wishes Ash the best of luck on his new journey.

Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie

Ash leaves the center to meet up with Clemont and Bonnie, apologizing to them that he took too long. Clemont questions Ash if the Santalune Gym was the location he was headed to, which Ash confirms. He tells Ash the best way to reach that location. Ash thanks him and as Clemont and Bonnie walk off, he states that he doesn't need them as guides anymore. Clemont and Bonnie state that they want to travel with Ash on his journey. Ash shares the same feeling, mentioning that traveling with his two new friends would make his journey more exciting. Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie give each other a group handshake before setting off on to their next destination.

Meanwhile in Serena's home, she's preparing to head out to begin her journey. She says goodbye to her Rhyhorn. Grace questions her on whether she has made a decision on her starter, and Serena confirms, but rather keep it a secret. Serena, then, sets off to see Professor Sycamore in Lumiose City.


Ash and the group are on the Route, leading to Santalune City. Up in the trees, is a Pokemon struggling to pick a berry from the branch. He successfully pulls it off, although he loses grip of it, as it falls toward the ground. Ash wonders what's wrong with Froakie and Pikachu when the two Pokemon stop moving. Suddenly, the berry falls onto Pikachu. As Pikachu walk towards a berry, an electric spark hits the berry and it flies towards Bonnie, striking her forehead. Everyone wonders who was responsible, although Pikachu got a glimpse of the Pokemon, as he attempts to approach the group from the bushes. Pikachu stops the mysterious Pokemon from getting closer. Ash pulls up the Pokedex and it reveals that the Pokemon is named Dedenne, an Electric type Pokemon.

Bonnie asks Clemont to capture it so she can take care of the Pokemon, as well as making the Pokemon her own once she's old enough to become a Trainer. Clemont seems unsure, but Ash also suggests that he captures it, and Clemont eventually agrees. Bonnie walks up to Dedenne and offers the berry that he dropped from the tree. Dedenne slowly walks toward the berry in Bonnie's hand. As he approaches the berry, a Pokemon appears, grabs the berry, and flies towards a nearby tree branch. Bonnie becomes angry, as the Pokemon eats the berry in front of her. Ash scans the Pokemon with his Pokedex, revealing that the Pokemon's name is Fletchling, a Normal/Flying type Pokemon.

Dedenne cries and runs off into the bushes, causing Bonnie to worry. Froakie attempts to strike Fletchling with the white bubbles on his neck, but the Flying type Pokemon dodges all of his attacks. Ash becomes very impressed with Fletchling's speed and decides to capture it.

Fletchling's Double Team

Ash decides to send out Pikachu, as Flying types are weak against Electric types. As Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, his Froakie cuts Pikachu off and attempts to attack Fletchling once more with his white bubbles, but he misses again. Froakie launches a Water Pulse, but Fletchling uses Double Team to avoid the attack and follows up by striking Froakie using Peck. Ash runs to catch Froakie and asks if he's okay. He tells Froakie to let Pikachu handle it. Froakie briefly looks at Bonnie before suddenly jumping out of Ash's hands to go after Fletchling.

Clemont is reminded of what Professor Sycamore mentioned about Froakie, specifically how this Pokemon battles without listening to his trainer. Ash doesn't appear to be annoyed, but rather impressed with Froakie's personality, surprising Clemont and Bonnie.

Jessie, James, and Meowth are in their hot air balloon, and James complains about having no food. Meowth pulls out a sandwich, but loses grip of it and it falls out of the hot air balloon. Jesse mentions that she saw a flash of white that took the sandwich and Meowth mentions that it was probably a Pokemon that's nearby. Moments later, the Pokemon appears and shoots ink at them.

The episode shifts back to Ash's group, as Ash's Froakie is struggling against Fletchling. Ash once again, tells Froakie to calm down, stating that he understand the Water type Pokemon's feelings. Fletchling, suddenly launches a Razor Wind, but everyone got out of the way safely. Ash mentioned that he knows Froakie wanted to go after Fletchling, due to the Flying type Pokemon making Bonnie sad. Bonnie approaches Froakie and thanks him.

Ash tells Froakie that they need to create a strategy in order to capture Fletching. He mentions that their opponent needs to be lured, so Froakie won't have any issues battling Fletchling. Clemont pulls out a device, in which he says will bring Fletchling towards them, and Ash becomes excited. As Clemont is using the device, Fletchling appears to be unaffected, although a swarm of Beedrill appears and gives chase to the group. Clemont continues to use the device, unknowingly aggravating the Beedrill even more. Eventually his device explodes and the Beedrill fly away. Fletchling reappears and starts to laugh at the group. After thinking for a while, Ash states that he has a plan to capture Fletching.


Meanwhile, the Team Rocket trio are looking at the Pokemon that was giving them issues earlier. James scans the Pokemon with his Pokedex, revealing that the Pokemon is Inkay, a Dark/Psychic type. They decide to capture it. Jessie sends out Wobbuffet, but Inkay quickly shoots ink at it. James tosses a sandwich, distracting Inkay. Following that, he tosses a Pokeball and successfully catches it.

Going back to Ash's group, Ash suggests for Froakie to use the entire mountain area as his battlefield, as it allows the Pokemon to use him jumping power to get around. Clemont explains to Bonnie that Ash's plan allows Froakie to achieve a higher level of mobility.

Froakie begins chasing Fletching and Ash commands him to use Water Pulse. The attack misses, but Froakie manages to stay on his guard and starts to launch his white bubbles, which also misses. Fletchling starts to lose sight of Froakie, but sees a silhouette of him, so the flying type Pokemon prepares a Peck attack. After striking, Fletching realizes that instead of hitting Froakie, it turned out to be the white bubbles that were shaped as Froakie. Ash takes the opportunity and commands Froakie to use Bubble, which strikes Fletchling directly. Ash tosses a Pokeball at Fletchling, but the bird immediately breaks out of it. Fletchling uses Razor Wind, but Froakie dodges and counters with Water Pulse, striking the bird again. Ash tosses the Pokeball once more and successfully catches Fletchling.

Pikachu, Fletchling, and Froakie

Ash thanks Froakie for capturing Fletchling and states how he's beginning to understand him more. Clemont and Bonnie praise Ash and his Pokemon for the teamwork they've demonstrated. Ash calls out Fletchling to meet Clemont, Bonnie, and his Pokemon. Bonnie disciplines Fletchling, telling him that he shouldn't steal berries and that the bird should let her know when he's hungry. Clemont offers Fletching an Oran Berry, as well as Pikachu and Froakie, making all three of them happy. With Fletchling captured, the group resume their journey and continue on to Santalune City.

Kalos Pokemon Starters

The episode shifts back to Serena, who finally arrived at Professor Sycamore's lab in Lumiose City. She introduces herself and mentions that she plans to become a Pokemon Trainer. Serena questions the Professor of the trainer who previously saved the Garchomp from Lumiose Tower. The professor replies, telling Serena that the trainer is known as Ash and he's headed to Santalune City. Serena becomes excited, knowing that she was correct about the Ash's identity. She asks the Professor if she can choose her Starter Pokemon. The Professor asks if Serena has decided on the starter she wants to select, which she confirms. The episode ends with an assistant bringing out the three Kalos Pokemon Starters(Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie) for Serena to select.

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  • All 3 Kalos starters appear as of this episode.
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