A Pokemon of a Different Color!


A Pokemon of a Different Color is the 136th episode of the Best Wishes series and is a continuation of Ash and his friends' journey across the Decolore Islands.



The episode begins with Ash and his friends approaching an island, known as Cave Island, as mentioned by Porter. He mentions that it's named after a massive cave that can be found on the island. Alexa continues on, stating that a variety of Pokemon can be found in that location as well. She mentions of her plans to shoot video inside of the cave. Ash and his friends also decide to head to the cave to see the many Pokemon that reside there.

The group landed on the island and Alexa decides to temporarily leave the group to do some exploring.

Ash and Clair

Meanwhile, a lady is wandering around the port, looking for her Dragonite. Ash recognizes the lady, known as Clair, and runs up to her. Clair recognizes Ash as well. She mentions that she'll never forget how Ash managed to calm her Dragonite down. A brief flashback of this event is shown, in which Ash's Pikachu and Charizard successfully calmed down Dragonite. Ash introduces Iris and Cilan to Clair, stating that she resides at the Blackthorn Gym in Blackthorn City.

Iris becomes excited, knowing about her gym and stating that it's located in the Johto region. Iris mentions that she studied at the Opelucid Academy. Clair questions if she studied under Drayden, which Iris confirms. She also states that she plans to visit Drayden, once she's done with her business on Cave Island.

Ash questions Clair on her reason for being on this island, where she confirms that she wants to catch a Druddigon of a different. Clair was set on heading to the cave, but her Dragonite suddenly flew away and is waiting for it to return. Ash and the group offered to assist Clair. Ash calls our his Dragonite, and Iris calls out her Dragonite and the two Pokemon begin searching for Clair's Dragonite.


Iris' Dragonite manages to locate Clair's Dragonite lying in a field of grass. He lands in the area and glares at her Dragonite. Clair's Dragonite notices Iris' Dragonite was standing on the flowers, so she tackled him, knocking him away from the flowers. Charizard manages to locate both Dragonites and heads back to Ash and the group. The group eventually locate and observe both Dragonites clashing with each other. Ash commands Charizard to stop them from fighting, but the fire Pokemon is immediately knocked away from the two Dragonites. Iris and Clair step in between the two Pokemon and attempts to calm them down.

Once they do, Clair observes that Iris' Dragonite has stepped on a flower. She mentions that her Dragonite loves flowers and was hurt to see them crushed. Ash mentioned that he recalls her Draognite going on an outrage when flowers were crushed in the past. Cilan is amazed at Clair's Dragonite affection for flowers and assumes that it was a female, which Clair confirms. He states that Iris' Dragonite is a male and goes further stating that they are meant to fall in love after they are done clashing with each other, which Iris and Clair find to be very awkward.

The group decides proceed towards the cave to locate the rare(shiny) Druddigon. As they're walking, they noticed many wild Pokemon running away from the direction of the cave. Clair states that something must be going on in the cave, so the group quickly continues towards the cave's entrance.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is on the other side of the cave. James state that he put a device at the back of the cave that emits Pokemon repelling sound waves. When a Pokemon gets near the area, they'll become extremely uncomfortable with the effects and run the opposite direction. He, as well as Jessie, mentions that there are two exits and with one of the exits blocked off by the device, the Druddigon must appear at the second exit, where Team Rocket currently resides.


Ash and his friends, reached the entrance of the cave, which is blocked off by a metal structure. Iris and Clair's Dragonites are called out to try to move the structure out of the way. Ash's Charizard attempts to help, but the Dragonites, once again, knock back Charizard and Ash calls it back into the Pokeball. Once they moved the structure, both Dragonites, as well as Axew and Pikachu start to feel pain. Clair states that it's the soundwaves coming from inside of the cave and it was the cause of the wild Pokemon running away earlier. Both Dragonites are called back into their Pokeballs, Iris tells Axew to hide in her hair, and Ash tells Pikachu to wear his hat. Axew and Pikachu are feeling better, allowing the group to proceed into the cave.

While they are walking through the cave, they start to wonder whether Druddigon actually lives in this location. Shortly after, Iris notices marks on the walls and states that Druddigon usually leave the marks to mark their territory. Clair praises Iris on her knowledge of Dragon type Pokemon. Cilan states that Drayden handpicked Iris to inherit the Opelucid Academy and Ash adds that Iris is expected become the elder of the Village of Dragons.

Clair admires Iris for her love of Dragon Types. Although that's the case, Iris states she was never fond of them as a child. A flashback is shown in which Iris encountered a Druddigon in the cave. She notices that it was in pain, so she attempts to walk towards the Dragon type, only to be attacked with its Flamethrower.


As Iris is about to continue the story, Clair discovers the device that's emitting the sound waves, causing the Pokemon to become uncomfortable. She immediately destroys it, relieving Pikachu and Axew. Outside of the cave, Team Rocket notices that the sound waves have subsided. As a result, Meowth heads inside to see what's the issue. Second later, he runs out of the cave, with the different colored Druddigon behind him.

Jessie and James take the opportunity, and call out their Frillish and Amoonguss respectively. Both Pokemon are ordered to attack Druddigon, which they successfully do. Druddigon manages to remain on its feet and lets out a huge roar, which Clair hears from inside of the cave. Clair and the rest of the group runs to the exit to find Druddigon being attacked by Team Rocket. Moments later, Druddigon becomes enraged and launches a Dragon Rage attack, blasting off Team Rocket.


With Druddigon filled with anger, Clair attempts to calm it down, but Druddigon strikes her with its tail. Clair immediately gets back on her feet and walk towards Druddigon once more, stating that the Dragon Pokemon has nothing to worry about, as Team Rocket is no longer a threat to his home. Druddigon once agin strikes Clair with its tail, but that doesn't stop Clair, as she continues to approach the Dragon Pokemon. Iris is reminded of her encounter with Druddigon when she was a child. Another flashback is shown, in which Iris is trying to calm down an enraged Druddigon. She noticed Druddigon's injuries and successfully treats it.

Clair eventually calms down Druddigon after successfully reasoning with it. Iris states that Druddigon may be intimdating, but he's nice on the inside. One last flashback is shown, in which Iris leaves the Druddigon that she treated. As she is walking away, Iris accidentally disturbs a wild Scolipede. As Scolipede prepares to launch an attack, the Druddigon that Iris saved, came to her rescue and scared the bug Pokemon away.

All of the wild Pokemon that ran away from the cave are finally making their way back inside, now that the sound waves have subsided. Clair states that she'll no longer has to capture the Druddigon now that she's gotten to know him, but Druddigon has taking a strong interest in Clair. Ash and Iris mentions to Clair that they believe that Druddigon wants to tag along with her. Clair asks Druddigon if it would like to travel with her, which it confirms, therefore she catches the Dragon Pokemon.

The group arrives near the ship, where they would be splitting with Clair. Alexa returns and is disappointed that she failed to locate the Pokemon of a different color. Clair calls out her newly captured Druddigon, which pleases Alexa. Alexa takes the opportunity to record the Dragon Pokemon and take pictures for her article.

Clair states that she plans on visiting the elder at the Village of Dragons, as well as seeing Drayden at the Opelucid Academy. Iris asks Clair inform the elder on the progress of her journey, which Clair agrees to do. Clair suggests to Iris that they should have a battle the next time they meet.

The episode ends with Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Alexa on the ship, heading to their next destination.

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  • Clair, the gym leader from Blackthorn City, makes an appearance.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which a Shiny Pokemon appears, in this case, Druddigon.

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