A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!

JP First Airing
October 31, 2013
US First Airing
February 8, 2014
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A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship! is the 4th episode of the XY Series, as Ash and his friends continue their adventure in the Kalos region.



Serena's Fennekin

The episode continues where the previous one left one. Serena is at the lab with Professor Sycamore, prepared to select her starter Pokemon. The professor gives Serena her Pokedex, and she uses it to scan all three starter Pokemon: Fennekin, a Fire Type, Chespin, a Grass Type, and Froakie, a Water Type. Serena mentions that she already decided her starter in advance and walks up to Fennekin. She greets herself to the fire Pokemon and selects it as her starter Pokemon, making Fennekin very excited.

Back to Ash group, they are stopping for a quick rest before continuing on towards Santalune City, where Ash will have his first Gym Battle. Bonnie is shown to be very affectionate with Ash's Pikachu by playing with its tail, as well as cleaning him. She asks Ash to release Fletching, so she can do the same with the Flying type Pokemon. Ash pulls out a container with Pokemon food and allows Bonnie to feed Pikachu and Fletchling. As she prepares to give them their food, the Dedenne appears once more and snatches the food from Bonnie's hand and eats it. Bonnie asks Clemont to catch Dedenne, and the three begin to chase it after the Pokemon runs away.

They catch up to Dedenne only to see that it dug up multiple holes. Ash and Clemont, respectively commands their Pikachu and Bunnelby to search for Dedenne underground. Ash, Clemont, and Boonnie also search the nearby area as well. Clemont accidentally grabs Pikachu, mistaken it for Dedenne, leading to Pikachu shocking Clemont. Pikachu heads underground once more and encounters Dedenne. Suddenly, both Pokemon tumble down the tunnel and exit from the side of the cliff onto the grass below. Dedenne runs away from Pikachu, but Pikachu catches up to him and both Electric Pokemon begin to use their electricity to communicate with one another. Team Rocket spies on the two Pokemon and decide that they have the perfect opportunity to capture Pikachu.

Back to Ash's group, Bonnie is still looking inside of the holes for Dedenne. Ash notices that Pikachu hasn't returned as well. Clemont's Bunnelby reappears, but he failed to find Dedenne as well. Clemont asks Bunnelby to head back inside the hole to search for both Pikachu and Dedenne.

Pikachu and Dedenne

Pikachu and Dedenne try to find their way back to Ash's group, but Pikachu decides to take a break once he hears Dedenne's stomach growling. He manages to get Dedenne a berry from a nearby tree. Suddenly, Team Rocket launches a net, but Pikachu grabs Dedenne and they both successfully avoid being captured. They both run, while Team Rocket chases and repeatedly launch their nets to try and capture them. Pikachu launches a Thunderbolt, but Jessie gets Wobbuffet to use Mirror Coat to send the attack back at double the power. Pikachu and Dedenne barely avoided the attack. James sends out his Inkay, who Tackles Dedenne, weakening him. He follows up by commaning Inkay to use Psybeam, knocking both Pikachu and Dedenne into the river. Team Rocket uses their inflatable boat to continue chasing after them. Shortly after, they crash into a rock, which sends them blasting off.

Clemont's device

Pikachu and a weakened Dedenne wind up back on the land. Fletching manages to locate Pikachu and Dedenne, and eventually Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie reunite with them. They notice that Dedenne is unconscious and Clemont suggest that they treat it at their current location, as the Pokemon Center is too far away. He mentions that they need to supply Dedenne with electricity. Clemont pulls out a device he created, which generates electricity. He explains to Ash and Bonnie how the device works and gives a brief demonstration. Clemont puts Dedenne in position, so he can receive electricity from the device. Ash appears very amazed, while Bonnie fears that the device may cause further harm. Clemont assures Bonnie that Dedenne would be fine, and shortly after, Dedenne wakes up and appears fully recovered. The machine unexpectedly overheats and explodes, but everyone appears unharmed.

The group is relieved to see Dedenne back to normal. The electric type Pokemon walks up to Clemont and thanks him. Bonnie quickly tells Clemont to use the opportunity and catch Dedenne. Suddenly, Team Rocket reappears from their hot air balloon and James calls out his Inkay once more. An angered Dedenne wants to battle in order to get back at Inkay for injuring him during the previous encounter. Clemont commands Dedenne to use Tackle, but Inkay is ordered by James to counter with Foul Play. Inkay follows it up with a Psybeam, but Dedenne dodges and strikes Inkay directly with Tackle. Clemont orders Dedenne to use Nuzzle, an attack, in which Dedenne shocks Inkay by rubbing his cheeks on him. Clemont states that the attack also leaves a paralysis effect on the targeting Pokemon. Finally Ash enters the battle and commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, while Clemont demands Dedenne to use Thundershock, which blasts off Team Rocket once again.

Bonnie showing affection to Pikachu and Dedenne

Everyone celebrates and Dedenne expresses his thanks once more. Ash gets the impression that Dedenne wants to travel alongside the group. Bonnie assures Dedenne that the two will have plenty of fun throughout their journey, which excites the electric Pokemon. Clemont throws his Pokeball and successfully captures Dedenne. He lets Dedenne out immediately, who then heads toward Bonnie. She introduces Dedenne to the group and begins cleaning him from his recent battle. As she cleans Dedenne's tail, Bonnie notices that he gets excited whenever his Tail is rubbed. Ash's Pikachu approaches Bonnie and she begins playing with his Tail as well. Bonnie continues to be overly affectionate with Dedenne and accidentally yells out 'Nuzzle'. Dedenne took that as a command and shocks and paralyzes Bonnie temporarily. Shortly after, Dedenne falls asleep, and the group continue their journey towards Santalune City.

Serena and Fennekin

The episode shifts to Serena, who appears to be lost in the woods with her new Pokemon, Fennekin. She encounters someone and asks for the location of the nearest Pokemon center, but it turns out that she was speaking to a Vespiquen. The bug Pokemon becomes frightened and attempts to attack Serena, but Fennekin launches a Flamethrower, scaring away Vespiquen. Fennekin retrieves Serena's hat and gives it to her. Serena expresses her gratitude toward Fennekin. Suddenly Nurse Joy and her Wigglytuff appears to see if Serena is okay, which she confirms. The episode ends with Nurse Joy giving Serena directions to the Pokemon Center, and Serena rushes off to the location, along with her Fennekin.

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