A Unova League Evolution!

A Unova League Evolution! is the 108th episode of the Best Wishes, and is the final episode of the Vertress Conference.



The episode continues with Cameron's Riolu evolving to Lucario during his quarterfinal match with Ash. Ash decides to keep Snivy in the battle arena, and starts off the match by commanding her to use Leaf Blade. The attack strikes Lucario, but he quickly recovers and counters with a Force Palm, which lands a direct it on Snivy. Everyone appears surprised on how this particular Force Palm by Lucario was extremely powerful in comparison to Riolu. Despite that, Ash continues on and commands the grass type to use Vine Whip. Lucario easily guards, so Ash tells Snivy to repeatedly use Vine Whip. Cameron remarks how Ash attacking head on was expected of him, therefore he orders Lucario to use Circle Throw. He grabs a hold of Snivy's Vines and slams her onto the ground. Snivy appears extremely weak, but manages to get back on her feet. Moments later, Cameron commands Lucario to use Aura Shpere and due to Snivy being weak, she fails to dodge the fighting type move and takes a direct hit, resulting in her getting knocked out, leaving Ash down to his last Pokemon.

Pikachu using Quick Attack

Ash sends his final Pokemon, Pikachu, who appears to haven't fully recover. Everyone sees Lucario vs Pikachu as an even match, but Cilan mentions how Pikachu may be at a disadvantage due to his intense battles with Samurott and Swanna earlier in the match.

Ash starts off their final battle by ordering Pikachu to use multiple Quick Attacks, each of them landing a hit on Lucario. Ash keeps up the pressure by following up with an Iron Tail, but Lucario dodges. Cameron orders Lucario to jump and Pikachu is shown to have lost track of him. Ash tells Pikachu that the fighting/steel Pokemon is above him, but is too late and Cameron commands Lucario to use Force Palm, landing a direct hit on Pikachu, who failed to spot Lucario in time.

Lucario follows up with Aura Sphere, while Pikachu counters with Electro Ball. The attacks clash, causing a huge explosion, knocking both Pokemon onto the ground. Both trainers call out for their Pokemon to stand. Although Pikachu and Lucario appear extremely weak, both slowly manage to get back on their feet. Ash and Cameron briefly exchange words on how they are filled with excitement from their current battle, before continuing.

Cameron commands Lucario to use Force Palm, but Pikachu jumps away. He then, orders Lucario to follow Pikachu, and once he gets a hold of the electric mouse, Cameron tells Lucario to use Circle Throw. He tosses Pikachu in the air, but Ash tells the electric type to use his tail to maintain his balance, allowing him to successfully land on the ground without getting hurt. After landing, Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, which strikes Lucario, followed up by a Quick Attack, also hit him and knocking him onto the ground. Despite Pikachu feeling very exhausted after those attacks, Ash tells Pikachu to hang in there and use Iron Tail. Cameron takes the opportunity and tells Lucario to counter with Copycat, allowing him to use Iron Tail as well. The clash of Iron Tails result in another large explosion, knocking both Pokemon onto the ground once more.

Lucario finishes Pikachu with Aura Sphere, leading to Ash's elimination.

Both Pokemon appear to be down for the count, but with the encouragement of both trainers, they manage to stand. Both trainers are well aware of their Pokemon being down to their last ounce of strength. Ash calls Pikachu to let out his strongest Electro Ball, while Cameron tells Lucario to show his willpower and use Aura Sphere. Both attacks clash, but Lucario's Aura Sphere manages to overpower Electro Ball, landing a direct hit on Pikachu. Pikachu is knocked out, eliminating Ash from the Unova League and placing Top 8, while Cameron advances to the semifinals. Ash congratulates Cameron and Lucario for defeating him and decides to cheer him on in the next round.

Flareon using Flamethrower

Cameron's is paired with Virgil for the semifinal match, although the episode fast forwards to the climax of their match, moments later. Virgil is shown to have three Pokemon remaining, while Cameron is struggling with his final Pokemon, Lucario, who appears exhausted. Virgil returns his Espeon inside his Pokeball, and calls out Flareon, who has the type advantage. Cameron commands him to use Force Palm, while Virgil calls Flareon to use Double Team. Lucario appears confused as to which is the real Flareon. Virgil uses the opportunity to command Flareon to use Flamethrower, landing a direct hit on the steel/fighting type, although Lucario hops back on his feet immediately. Cameron starts to become overwhelmed and orders Lucario to use Aura Sphere, while Virgil commands Flareon to use Fire Blast, which easily overpowers the Aura Sphere. Lucario is knocked out, eliminating Cameron from the Unova League, while Virgil advances to the final round, with his Eevee team.

The episode immediately shifts to the climax of the final round with Virgil's Eevee against his opponent's Druddigon. Druddigon is ordered to use Dragon Rage, while Virgil tells Eevee to use Dig in order to avoid the attack. Suddenly, Eevee comes out from the ground and Virgil tells him to follow up with Iron Tail, which strikes Druddigon. Virgil finishes the match by commanding Eevee to use Trump Card, which knocks out Druddigon. Virgil wins the match, thus he's crowned the winner of the Vertress Conference.

Virgil declared the winner

Later that night, the closing ceremonies take place. Everyone gives a round of applause to Virgil, as he's declared the winner of the conference. Afterwards, Ash, along with his friends and rivals meet up with Virgil one last time before he leaves. Virgil remarks how Eevee has grown more confident due to all of the participants he faced in the tournament and expressed his thanks to the group before departing with his brother in a helicopter. Ash also says goodbye to his rivals: Bianca, Stephan, and Cameron.

The episode shifts to Cilan and Iris, both who are finished packing, but they noticed Ash was gone. Ash and Pikachu are shown to be inside the stadium where his matches took place, earlier in the day. He mentions how grateful he was to his Pokemon for their performance throughout the league, while we are greeted to a montage, consisting of his entire Unova journey. The sun finally rises and Ash remarks how he vows to continue his journey to reach his goal of becoming a Pokemon Master. The episode ends with Iris and Cilan calling out to Ash, as the group prepares to leave Vertress City and return to Nuvema Town.

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