Aegis Cave

Aegis Cave consists of three caves: Ice, Steel, and Rock. The main (and only) type of Pokemon you will find there is Unown. You Have to Get the Alphabet rocks that Spell Ice Steel and Rock (in Unown). The Ice cave has 3 floors, (but you keep repeating until you get all the stones) the Rock has 4 and the steel has 5. once you have collected all the rocks, you finish the cave and go to the shrine It will glow and leads you to a staircase. You will battle Regice, Registeel, and Regirock. When you have battled all of them, you battle Regigigas after going through another cave. When you defeat Regigigas, you will be transported out of the cave and back with Team Charm. A new Dugeon will also appear, known as the Concealed Ruins.

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