Ambrette Town

Ambrette Town
This town was known only for its aquarium until the discovery of rare Fossils really put it on the map.
Route 8
Ambrette Town Route 9

Ambrette Town is a location introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It contains facilities such as the Ambrette Aquarium and the Fossil Lab.



First Visit
Alert Ribbon
Health Wing
Old Rod
Rocky Helmet
TM94 Rock Smash
TM96 Nature Power
After Returning from Glittering Cave
Trade Items
Dive Ball (Trade for Poké Ball)
Hidden Items
Rare Candy
X Attack


Pokémon Method Rarity
Binacle Cracked Rock Uncommon
Dwebble Cracked Rock Common
Tentacool Water Surface Common
Wailmer Water Surface Uncommon
Luvdisc Old Rod Common
Clauncher Good Rod Common
Horsea Good Rod Uncommon
Skrelp Good Rod Common
Clawitzer Super Rod Uncommon
Dragalge Super Rod Uncommon
Relicanth Super Rod Common
Seadra Super Rod Very Rare

Important Locations

Fossil Lab

After the player returns from Glittering Cave, they can bring the acquired Jaw Fossil or Sail Fossil to be restored into Tyrunt and Amaura respectively. An NPC within the lab will also give the player a Mega Stone, Aerodactylite.

Hotel Ambrette

This hotel houses Mr. Bonding, who gives the player the O-Power Sp. Def Power. The player can also receive the TM96 Nature Power in the lobby, and an Alert Ribbon if the player visits on a Monday.

Ambrette Aquarium

The Ambrette Aquarium is located next to the Pokémon Center in the northwest corner of the town and connects to Route 8. The player can receive an Old Rod here from a Fisherman on the lower level.

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