Amp Plains

Amp Plains has a total of 20 floors, including Far Amp Plains, and has a total of 12 Pokémon. This dungeon theme is Electric, with the big boss battle at the end with Manectric and his sidekicks, Electrike.

The levels (lv) in this dungeon are extremely simple if you've been training in the other dungeons. The lowest level is lv 14, while the highest is lv 22. The recommended level is 23-24+. Manetric is a high level, although he doesn't need a high level to take out, so don't worry about his level. His level is level 33, but if you take him out with ground and hard moves, it'd be easy and simple. Same with his minions, which are level 18.

Luckily there are no Weather conditions. But be careful if using Rain Dance, because the pokemon may use Thunder to their advantadge.

One thing to look here is the TMs. They have an assortment, and good ones too, like Energy Ball, and a TM that will help you here, Dig. Come back here to find more of them.

Also to keep an eye out is The Shops in the dungeon. You might find the TM in that, and other goodys for your trip to help you.

Guest Legendaries are important in this dungeon, because you can only find him in here. It's Zapdos. He is level 49 and can be found on the seventh floor, but a StonePlate or Mystery Part are required to find it in Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness. The required items are known as a Secret Slab or Enigma Part in Explorers of Sky.

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