Ash Catches a Pokémon

Ash Catches a Pokémon
Ash Catches a Pokémon
(ポケモン ゲットだぜ!)
Japenese Release Date
April 10, 1997
English Release Date
September 15, 1998



Following straight on from the events of Pokémon Emergency, we once again see Ash staring down the newly encountered Caterpie in Viridian Forest. Immediately, without any sort of battle, Ash throws the Pokéball which hits it in the head and pulls it inside. Amazingly, by no effort at all, Ash manages to catch Caterpie in this one fast swoop. Ash then proceeds to dance around, marking many future repeats of this to come in the show. Exhilarated, Ash lets Caterpie back out again so that they may make friends together. Ash offers that it may climb onto his should if it wishes, though it takes a fast liking to Misty and quickly runs over to her before cuddling her leg. This causes Misty's bug fear to heighten, who begins to scream at Caterpie. It's here we learn that she dislikes bugs, carrots and peppers. Upset, Ash confronts Misty over the matter and says her fear is ridiculous. Feeling bad for his new friend, he attempts to cheer Caterpie up and once again offers his should who Caterpie this time accepts before they continue on through the forest leaving Misty behind.

Not about to give on the adventure, Misty straightens herself a little and begins to follow them from a distance in rather non graceful way. Caught, she explains that she's only still tagging along because Ash owes her a new bicycle. Pikachu dislikes the fighting between the two and is saddened by the events.

They eventually settle down, setting up a little camp and attempting to get some sleep. Caterpie crawls up onto a tree stump, staring into the moon with large gazing eyes. Pikachu notices and so joins Caterpie up on the stump. Emotionally Caterpie explains it's dream of evolving into a beautiful Butterfree and that maybe when it does, Misty may appreciate it for its beauty.

Morning comes and Caterpie seems little discouraged yet, having bunked down with Misty during the night. She does the predictable and screams once again, as she shouts at Caterpie to simply stay away from her altogether. Depressed by the continuous reactions, Caterpie retreats to it's Pokéball. Ash attempts to convince it otherwise but it will have none of it, withdrawing back into the ball. Preparing to tear into Misty over it, the build up is suddenly halted by the arrival of a Pidgeotto. Again Ash simply chucks a Pokéball, which Pidgeotto simply bats back at him. Misty then has a go at him, explaining that one of the basic principles of Pokémon capturing is that you have to weaken it before you attempt to catch it. She then goes on to say that the only reason it worked with Caterpie is because it's already a weak Pokemon. Ash getting tired quickly of her, calls out Caterpie to help him catch this new Pokémon. Having no idea about type match ups, Caterpie is subjected to a floor wiping before he calls it back. Deciding he's not giving up yet, Ash calls out Pikachu to use Thundershock on the bird. This proves effective, with Ash throwing a Pokéball and successfully catching Pidgeotto. He begins to celebrate, with Misty cutting him short saying sending a bug against a bird is stupid. Ash is about to give his rebuttal when they are interrupted by none other than Team Rocket.

Jessie and James waste no time, displaying their want for Pikachu. Meowth quickly shuts their traps, telling them they shouldn't give away their plans. He goes on to explain that Pikachu, for its level, is far more powerful than it should be. Having let out a secret himself, Jessie and James get into a fight with him. When they're finished, Jessie and James call out Ekans and Koffing. Remembering something for a change, Ash declares that the battle is unfair due to the fact a battle has to be one-on-one. Misty states he should simply use multiple Pokémon too but Ash won't have it. Straight away James issues orders to Koffing to spray sludge at Pikachu, which hits and blinds it. Testing out his new capture, Ash releases Pidgeotto. Despite fighting valiantly, Pidgeotto isn't trained well enough to be able to take on two Pokémon at once and so is beaten. Caterpie is weak from the earlier conflict with Pidgeotto but it's his only choice, so Ash then asks Caterpie to do battle. Team Rocket begin to laugh at the joke, though Caterpie is pumped to win and uses String Shot to disable the enemy before using Tackle on them. Swearing that one day Pikachu will be theirs, they quickly retreat.

Being Ash's first win in a trainer-vs-trainer battle, the group have a little celebration. Misty then admits that Caterpie isn't really weak and Ash says she should pat it on the head and saying it did well. She has a difficulty doing this and doesn't manage to as Caterpie suddenly stands upright and begins spraying Stringshot over itself. When this finishes, it's discovered that Caterpie has now evolved into a Metapod. Unsurprisingly, Ash's Pokédex announces that this Metapod evolved faster than any before it which was recorded. Misty slips back into her bug-hating way, but Ash tells her that she should be friends with Metapod. Pikachu sees this as more important than anyone, knowing that this is what Caterpie wants to fulfill it's dream. They're interrupted by the passing of a Beedrill with Misty continuing her screaming. Ash cares little for her rant about bugs and proceeds deeper into the forest in search of more Pokémon with Misty tagging along behind.


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