Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams
English Name Bad Dreams
Japanese Name ナイトメア
Flavour Text
Generation IV Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Generation V Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Generation VI Reduces the HP of sleeping opposing Pokémon.
Generation VII {{{Generation-VII}}}
Introduced In Generation IV
How Many Pokémon Have This 1

Bad Dreams is a Ability which was introduced in the 4th Generation. It is exclusively available to Darkrai only.



In Battle

Each sleeping opponent will lose 1/8 of it's maximum HP at the end of each turn.


Bad Dreams doesn't have an overworld effect.

Pokémon With This Ability

Pokémon that can have this Ability:

Number Pokémon Name Type Abilities Hidden Ability Base Stats
HP Att Def Sp. Att Sp. Def Spd
491 491 Mini Sprite.png Darkrai Dark.gif Bad Dreams None 70 90 90 135 90 125

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