The result of finding a Wild Pokémon or being spotted by a Trainer. When you battle therer is a Pokémon in the top right side of the screen and a Pokémon in the bottom left side of the screen. At the beginning of each turn you must choose what you do. You can opt to either:

  • Attack (Choose one of up to four moves)
  • Bag (Use an item on your Pokemon)
  • Pokémon (Choose to send a different Pokémon out)
  • Run (Flee the battle. Only works with Wild Pokémon or in the Battle Subway, where it's treated as a forfeit.)

Your Pokémon is the one on the bottom left side of the screen. Battling is an important concept of the Pokémon Series as you must battle to get through the storyline. The most important battles are Gym Battles and Elite Four battles. You must also battle the "villians" of the region to defeat them.

Battling is involved in almost all games in the series, including spin-offs. In some spin-off games - such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Pokémon Ranger - the battling system has been altered, with numerous aspects of the battle staying to the series' roots.

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