Battle Strategies (DPP)

There are lots of useful and quite awesome strategies for battling in Pokemon, most of them involving held items or abilities. Here's some useful strategies which will make your foes fume with rage. I have tested all of these strategies myself; every one of them works.

Safe Shedinja Strategy (Shedinja) Equip a Shedinja with a Focus Sash; you won't take damage because any move that hits you will normally kill you, eg. Ember, but the Focus Sash will prevent this- just once.

Flinch Strategy (Persian) Equip Persian with a Quick Claw, use Fake Out, and let loose flinch moves.

Sure Hit Strategy (Machamp and Lapras) Teach your Lapras Fissure, Sheer Cold, or Horn Drill, and teach your Machamp Dynamicpunch, combine them with Machamp's ability Sure Hit, and you have a lethal combination.

Friends Forever Strategy (Any) Equip a Pokemon with a Soothe Bell, teach it Return, and give it Rare Candies and daily Massages and Spas, and you'll have a powerful Pokemon in no time. Use this with your starter Pokemon or another you've had for ages for more friendship.

Super Luck Strategy (Honchkrow) Equip a Honchkrow that has the ability Super Luck with a Razor Claw, use Dire Hits on it, use the move Focus Energy, then attack with Night Slash for a very powerful attack.

Beneficial Acid Strategy (Victreebell and Regigigas or Slaking) In a double battle, make Victreebell use Gastro Acid on Regigigas/Slaking to remove their annoying abilities.

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