Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!

JP First Airing
September 19, 2013
US First Airing
November 30, 2013
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Best Wishes! Until We Meet Again! is the 141st and penultimate episode of the Best Wishes series and is a continuation of Ash and his friends' journey across the Decolore Islands.



The episode begins with Ash and his friends on their ship as they finally approach their destination, the Kanto region. A Gyarados appears, which excites Iris and Cilan, as they've never seen it up close before, as well as any Kanto Pokemon. Iris questions if it's a Dragon Type, but Cilan confirms that Gyarados is a Flying/Water Type. Ash tells both of them to look forward to the many Pokemon they'll encounter in Kanto.

Alexa appears and informs the group that they'll be arriving in Vermillion City shortly. She states that she plans to interview Professor Oak and questions if Ash knows him. Ash mentions that he's from Pallet Town and has met his Pikachu from Professor Oak.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is pursuing Ash and his friends from their submarine under water. They launch a device which interrupts the ship's propellers, causing the ship itself to come to a halt. The captain of this ship orders the other workers to set the engines at full power. This resulted in Team Rocket's device failing to keep hold of the ship's propellers and eventually letting go. Jessie, James, and Meowth appear very dizzy from the effects of the ship's propellers.

Jessie's disguise

Team Rocket decides to proceed onto the ship from their hot air balloon. They attached multiple devices on the ship, each which creates enormous balloons, resulting in the ship being lifted from the water, into the sky. Ash, Iris, and Cilan encounter Team Rocket. Jessie, who's partly disguised as James, performs the motto by herself. Meowth has a vacuum backpack, which he will use to obtain everyone's Pokeballs. James, disguised as Porter, appears and asks for Ash, Iris, and Cilan's to give him their Pokeballs, assuring them that they're Pokemon remain in safe hands, which the group agrees to do. Meowth, then activates his vacuum, which steal all of the group's Pokeballs. James catches Pikachu and Iris with a net, leaving the group with no Pokemon. The real Porter appears, leaving James to remove his Porter disguise.

Frillish and Amoonguss

Ash, Iris, and Cilan run towards their Pokemon, but Jessie and James call out their Frillish and Amoonguss. Jessie commands Frillish to use Bubble Beam and James commands Amoonguss to use Hidden Power. This strikes Ash and his friends directly, and they are knocked into a room, on the lower level of the ship. Jessie and James decide to pursue the other guests and steal their Pokemon before escaping the ship. As they are chasing the people, Porter attempts to stop them, but Jessie's Frillish and James' Amoonguss attack with Bubble Beam and Hidden Power respectively, once again, knocking Porter over the ship, but he manages to hang on to a bar.

Ash, Iris, and Cilan are still trapped in the room, but Cilan came up with a plan to exit the room. He states that they should stack the boxes and when they're able to reach the hook, they can use it to escape. Team Rocket manages to take everyone's Pokemon is set on escaping the ship. Eventually Ash and his friends manage to stack all of the boxes, and climb there way to the top. The boxes begin to fall, therefore Ash quickly grabs the hook and Cilan hangs on to Ash's hand, while Iris hangs on to Cilan's hand.

Iris begins to swing, causing the entire rope to swing as well. Team Rocket are in their hot air balloon and they start to escape. Ash, Iris, and Cilan managed to swing with just enough momentum to launch themselves towards Team Rocket's balloon. Ash grabs Meowth, Iris grabs Jessie, and Cilan grabs James, and they all fall back onto the ship. The vacuum device breaks, releasing all of the Pokeballs.

Ash and his Charizard

Ash, Iris, and Cilan manages to retrieve their Pokeballs and they head to Pikachu and Axew's net to free them, but the net is well tighten. Jessie attempts to prevent the group from freeing Pikachu and Axew by calling out her Frillish to use Bubble Beam. Everyone dodges, and Ash calls out his Charizard to use Wing Attack, which instantly knocks out Frillish. James calls for his Amoonguss to use Hidden Power, while Ash commands Charizard to use Flamethrower, which knocks out Amoonguss.

Team Rocket is now defenseless and Ash manages to free Pikachu and Axew. Cilan calls for his Pansage to use Solar Beam, Iris tells her Axew to use Dragon Rage, and finally, Ash commands Charizard and Pikachu to use Flamethrower and Thunderbolt, respectively. All four Pokemon successfully defeat Team Rocket, as they blast off.

Ash calls out his Snivy and commands her to use Leaf Storm to cut the balloons Team Rocket attached the ship, which results in the ship slowly descending back into the water safely. The passengers successfully help Porter get back on his feet. Alexa appears and states that she had no idea of the problems Team Rocket has caused, due to Alexa being in her room with headphones on.

Everyone finally arrives at the Kanto region, as the group starts to encounter many Kanto Pokemon, such as Magikarp, Lapras, and Slowpoke. The group expresses their gratitude to Porter for their exciting trip across the Decolore Islands. They proceed into Vermillion City, where they stop to relax near a restaurant. A group of Pidgey appears, which causes Iris to become extremely enthusiastic. She suddenly states that she wants to head to the Johto region, specifically to see Clair at the Blackthorn City Gym. Iris wants to receive some more training, therefore she feels a battle at her gym would be a great first step. Cilan states that he wants to enter a fishing competition in the Hoenn region, specifically Dewford Town. He mentions that the competition will furher improve his skills as a Pokemon Connoisseur.


Ash appears shocked and slightly disappointed, but he understands how they feel. He mentions how he felt the same way when he left the Kanto region for the first time and respects his two friends' decision to leave the region. Cilan mentions to Iris that she can take a train to Saffron City and from that location, she can take another train to the Johto region. Cilan also states that he always wanted to travel that line, therefore he offered to travel with Iris for part of the way. Ash and Alexa decides to walk them over to the train station.


Ash, Iris, and Cilan arrive at the station, where they will go their separate ways. Alexa appears shortly after to give Iris and Cilan Oyster Lunch Boxes, which can only be found in Vermillion City. Both Iris and Cilan reaffirm their commitment to reach their goal of Dragon Master and Pokemon Connoisseur respectively. Ash tells them that he knows that they'll eventually reach their goals. Iris and Cilan also mention that they've enjoyed their journey and learned so much from Ash. Pikachu and Axew say their goodbyes before the train departs. Iris and Cilan waves, while Ash wishes his two friends to have a great trip to the new regions they're heading to.

Brief flashbacks of the journey among Ash, Iris, and Cilan are shown. After the train leaves the station, the episode ends with Ash and Alexa proceeding towards Pallet Town.

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  • This is both Iris and Cilan's final episode, as they separate from Ash and head to the Johto and Hoenn region respectively, while Ash continues on into Pallet Town with Alexa.
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