Black and White TCG Promos

Pokémon Black and White Promos

This is a list of all of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Black and White Expansion Promos. Note: These are English.

BW01: Snivy (Black and White Preview Tin)

BW02: Tepig (Black and White Preview Tin)

BW03: Oshawott (Black and White Preview Tin)

BW04: Reshiram (New Legends Tin)

BW05: Zekrom (New Legends Tin)

BW06: Snivy (Black and White Blister Pack)

BW07: Tepig (Black and White Blister Pack)

BW08: Oshawott (Black and White Blister Pack)

BW09: Zoroark (Victini Box)

BW10: Axew (Black and White Mini Binder)

BW11: Pansage (Emerging Powers Blister Pack)

BW12: Zorua (Emerging Powers Blister Pack)

BW13: Minccino (Emerging Powers 2-Pack Blister)

BW14: Pansage (Toys R Us Egg Promotion Blister Pack)

BW15: Pidove (Toys R Us Egg Promotion Blister Pack)

BW16: Axew (Toys R Us Egg Promotion Blister Pack)

BW17: Ducklett (Black and White 2-Pack Blister)

BW18: Darumaka (Emerging Powers Mini Binder)

BW19: Zoroark (Zoroark Illusions Collector Box)

BW20: Serperior (Evolved Battle Action Tin)

BW21: Emboar (Evolved Battle Action Tin)

BW22: Samurott (Evolved Battle Action Tin)

BW23: Reshiram (Reshiram Box) BW24: Zekrom (Zekrom Box)

BW25: Scraggy (Noble Victories 2-Pack Blister)

BW26: Axew (Noble Victories Blister Pack)

BW27: Litwick (Noble Victories Blister Pack)

BW28: Tropical Beach (2011 World Championships)

BW29: Victory Cup (Third Place Battle Roads)

BW30: Victory Cup (Second Place Battle Roads)

BW31: Victory Cup (First Place Battle Roads)

BW32: Victini (V for Victini Tin)

BW33: Riolu (Next Destinies Blister Pack)

BW34: Luxio (Next Destinies Blister Pack)

BW35: Dark Energy (Japanese Card)




BW39: Battle City (Mewtwo Collection Box)

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