Butterfree and Me!


Butterfree and Me is the 130th episode of the Best Wishes series and is a continuation of Ash and his friends' journey across the Decolore Islands.



The episode begins as the ship, which Ash, Iris, and Cilan are on, approaches an island. They witness a group of Swanna, where Porter confirms that they, as well as most Pokemon migrate towards that island around the current time of the year.


Ash and his friends arrive on Wayfarer Island and immediately head to the Pokemon Center to see Nurse Joy. She explains to the group that they have a better chance of encountering the migrating Pokemon near the mountainside, so Ash and his friends take off to that direction. As they are walking through the forest, they encounter a group of Metapod, which Ash scans with his Pokedex. Shortly after scanning them, all of the Metapod begin to evolve into Butterfree, which Ash also scans. Iris and Cilan are filled with excitement, as this is their first time seeing a Butterfree.

All of the Butterfree begin to migrate to another area. Moments later, a Caterpie appears before the group from a nearby bush. Ash explains that Caterpie evolves into Metapod, who then evolves into its final state, Butterfree. He mentions that this wild Caterpie brings back memories and explains how Caterpie was the very first Pokemon he caught when he first began his Pokemon journey

Ash and his Butterfree

A brief flashback is shown with Ash and his Caterpie, up until it became a Butterfree and departed. Ash wonders where his Butterfree is currently at, but he doesn't worry as he knows his Pokemon is living a happy life.

Ash tells the wild Caterpie to hurry up otherwsise it'll get left behind. Caterpie is shown to be sleeping, which angers Ash. He suddenly comes up with an idea, but decides to head back to the Pokemon Center first.

Professor Oak and Rotom

When Ash arrives at the location, he begins to call Professor Oak from the video monitor. Rotom, which Professor Oak has caught, unexpectedly appeared on the screen, startling Ash. Professor Oak attempts to discipline Rotom, stating that it's not allowed to pull off its pranks whenever someone calls the Professor. Rotom suddenly shocks Professor Oak with Thunderbolt, in a playful manner. Professor Oak ask if there's anything he can assist Ash with, where he replies that he wants the Professor to send him one of his Pokemon. Professor Oak accepts his request and begins to make the preparations.

Back at the forest, Iris and Cilan notices that Caterpie is still sleeping. Ash appears and attempts to once again, wake up Caterpie, which he successfully does. He suggests that they have a battle with the Bug Pokemon. Cilan states that he approves of Ash's plan as it will help Caterpie evolve. Ash calls out Leavanny, which is the Pokemon that Ash had requested from Professor Oak. He mentions that due to both Leavanny and Caterpie being Bug Types and Leavanny is already in its final evolution state, Ash feels that Leavanny is the best choice.

Caterpie sleeping

Ash tells Caterpie to get prepared, but the Bug Pokemon is shown to be sleeping once again. He orders Leavanny to wake Caterpie up using Energy Ball, which it successfully does. Unfortunately, it scared off Caterpie, into the bushes. Ash, with Pikachu and Leavanny begin searching for the Bug Pokemon. Shortly after, Leavanny spots the sleeping Caterpie on the tree branch above. Caterpie suddenly wakes up and begins running further up the tree, before slipping off. Ash successfully catches Caterpie, although he crashes into the tree head on while doing so.

Ash makes sure that Caterpie is not harmed and apologizes that he wasn't considering the Bug Pokemon's feelings. Iris and Cilan finally catches up with Ash and praise him for finding Caterpie. Ash states to Caterpie, that he use to own a Caterpie and that he simply can't ignore him. Ash asks Caterpie if it will allow him to help evolve to its final evolution, Butterfree, and the Bug Pokemon accepts. In the mean time, Ash, Iris, and Cilan decides to take a nap.

Once they wake up, Ash prepares to train Caterpie. At this point, images are shown with the two training over the course of a few days.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is standing outside of the cabin that Ash and his friends are currently residing. Meowth is mentioning how it's taking a very long time for Caterpie to evolve, although Jessie and James show no interest in capturing the Bug Pokemon. They plan to stick with their only objective, which is to capture Pikachu.

Morning arrives and Ash, Iris, and Cilan set off further into the forest with Caterpie. Ash discovers claw marks on a tree, which Iris states that it indicates a Pokemon marking their territory. This startles Ash and suddenly, an Ursaring appears from behind. Ursaring gives chase to Ash and Caterpie. Caterpie used Stun Spore towards Ursaring, but the bear Pokemon quickly recovers and continues chasing them. Ash and Caterpie reach a dead end, as they are near the edge of a cliff. Caterpie launches a String Shot, but Ursaring easily frees himself. Suddenly, Pikachu launches a Thunderbolt, landing a direct hit and scaring off Ursaring. Caterpie evolves into Metapod shortly after and falls a sleep once again.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Iris and Cilan state that Nurse Joy had gave them information in regards to Butterfree. They mention that next week a group of Butterfree will pass by the area, giving Ash one week to help Metapod evolve into Butterfree. The next day, they noticed that the group Butterfree had arrived early and Cilan mentions that they usually leave the following day after they arrived. Ash and his friends continue training Metapod, as more images show them progressing throughout the day


Nightfall has arrived and Metapod has once again fallen asleep. Ash mentions that Metapod is out of time and tries to wake up. Suddenly, Team Rocket appears and captures Pikachu and Metapod. As they prepare to escape, Ash manages to barely grab their hot air balloon. James calls out Amoonguss to use Body Slam on Ash repeatedly until he knocks him off. Metapod becomes angry and breaks free. He suddenly evolves once more into Butterfree and escapes. Amoonguss manages to knock Ash off of the hot air balloon, but Butterfree uses Psychic to stop his fall. Jessie calls out her Woobat to use Air Slash and James commands his Amoonguss to use Hidden Power. Butterfree dodges both attacks and launches a Psybeam to free Pikachu from his trap. Ash finishes off Team Rocket by commanding Pikachu to use Thunderbolt and Butterfree to use Psybeam.

Sunrise has arrived and the Butterfree are beginning their migration. Ash tells Butterfree to catch up with the group. Although, Butterfree is sad that he must leave Ash, he sets off with the rest of the group. Iris and Cilan wishes Butterfree happiness with his life, while Ash remains silent for a brief moment. He sheds a tear, but quickly wipes them off, looks up, and waves goodbye to Butterfree.

The episode ends with the group Butterfree flying off of the island.

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