Byron is the sixth Gym Leader in the Sinnoh Region. He will give the Mine Badge to anyone that defeats him. He is the fater of the first Gyme Leader Roark. He often Trains at [Iron Island]].In Japanese his neme means Trougan.


Canalave Gym

When Challenged
Ah! That's Oreburgh Gym Badge! I see, I see! You've defeated my son. But that's no surprise. He still has much to learn. In place of my son Roark, I, Byron, will take your challenge!
After last Pokemon is sent out
Oh, what's this? My last one! This is where we make our stand!
During Battle
We're not done yet! There's no giving up!
Once Defeated
Hmm! My sturdy Pokémon, defeated!
After Battle
You were strong enough to take down my prized team of Pokémon. In recognition of that power, I give you this: the Mine Badge!
Gwahahahaha! The Sinnoh region is vast! Tough Trainers like you and <rival> crop up constantly to challenge the old guard! With more young Trainers like my son and you two taking charge, the future of Pokémon is bright! But I'm not stepping aside just yet! I merely need to rededicate myself to training on Iron Island.

Your Villa

Guhahahaha! How's your Villa? Can you give me a tour?
Gwahahahaha! I spent a long time living on Iron Island. A place this fancy, I feel a little out of place. Don't get me wrong, it's a great place. It's nothing like my son's!
You're acquainted with a fellow named Riley, aren't you? He's a mystifying sort, that one. I have no idea how old he is, to tell you the truth.

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