Cameron's Secret Weapon!

Secret Weapon Hydreigon! is the 107th episode of the Best Wishes, and is a continuation of the Unova League.



Ash and Cameron prepare to start their quarterfinal match, with the winner advancing to the semifinals. Cameron calls out his Hydreigon, while Ash calls out his Baldore.

Cameron starts the battle by commanding Hydreigon to use Tri Attack, and Ash tells Baldore to dodge, but Baldore fails and take a direct hit. Cameron follows up with Dragon Pulse, causing Hydreigon to land another direct hit on Baldore. After making sure Baldore is able to continue, Ash commands him to use Rock Blast, but Hdreigon easily dodges. With Ash showing some frustration, he follows up with Rock Smash, which successfully hits Hydreigon.

Ash, praises Baldore, but Cameron remarks that the battle is just beginning and orders Hydreigon to use Dragon Rush, followed immediately by Tri Attack, both which hits Baldore. Baldore remains standing and Ash calls for him to use Flash Cannon, while Hydreigon counters with Dragon Pulse. Both attacks clash, but Dragon Pulse gains the upper hand and knocks out Baldore, leaving Ash with five Pokemon remaining.

Ash calls out his second Pokemon, Oshawott, while Cameron keeps his Hydreigon on the battlefield. Ash starts of the battle by commanding Oshawott to use Aqua Jet, which lands a hit on Hydreigon. He follows up with multiple Razor Shells, and Hydreigon counters with Dragon Pulse, knocking Oshawott onto the ground, but immediately gets back up on his feet. Ash, once again, commands Oshawott to use multiple Razor Shells, and it eventually lands a hit. He follows up with Hydro Pump, which appears to be ineffective, allowing Hydreigon to counter with Tri Attack, landing a direct hit. Oshawott manages to barely stand and appears extremely weak. Ash immediately orders him to use Tackle. After a successful hit, he follows up with Razor Shell, while Cameron orders Hydreigon to counter with Double Hit, knocking Oshawott onto the ground once more. Cameron finishes the match by commanding Hydreigon to use Dragon Rush, knocking Oshawott out, leaving Ash down with four Pokemon.

Hydreigon vs. Pignite

Ash praises Oshawott for a job well done and compliments on Hydreigon's strength, but vows to win the full battle. He calls out his next Pokemon, Pignite, while Cameron keeps Hydreigon on the field. Ash starts the battle commanding a Brick Break, which hits Hydreigon, but Cameron strikes back, commanding a Dragon Pulse, knocking Pignite onto the ground. Pignite jumps back up onto his feet and is ordered to use a Flamethrower, but fails to hit Hydreigon. Cameron commands a Tri Attack, followed by Dragon Rush, both landing a direct hit on Pignite. With him very weakened, Pignite struggles to stand. Ash gives some encouragement, until he manages to stand once more. He orders the fire Pokemon to use Brick Break, and follows up with Flame Charge, both ended up being direct hits and finally knocking down Hydreigon. With Cameron panicking, he orders Hydreigon to use Double Hit, but Pignite successfully dodges. Pignite counters with Fire Pledge, followed by Flamethrower, further weakening Hydreigon. Ash attempts to wrap up the match by commanding Brick Break, while Hydreigon counters with Double Hit. Fortunately, Pignite's attack gain the upper hand, knocking out Hydreigon, leaving Cameron down to five Pokemon.

Cameron calls out his next Pokemon, Ferrothorn, and Ash keeps Pignite on the field. Cameron immediately commands the grass/steel type to use Metal Claw, but fails to hit Pignite, so Ferrothorn follows up with Pin Missile, which lands a hit on Pignite, but he manages to remain standing. Ash commands the fire type to use Flamethrower, while Cameron orders to counter with Mirror Shot. Neither Pokemon are shown to take damage. Ash takes the opportunity to command Pignite to use Flame Charge, landing a direct hit on Ferrothorn and knocking him out, leaving Cameron down to four Pokemon.

The third Pokemon Cameron calls out is Samurott. Ash, once again, decides to stick with Pignite, despite the type disadvantage. He starts by commanding Pignite to use Flamethrower, but Samurott counters with Hydro Cannon, which pierces through the Flamethrower and lands a direct hit on him. Pignite barely manages to get back on his feet, although he appears to be extremely weak. Despite that, Ash continues on and tells him to use Brick Break, but due to Pignite's exhaustion, Samurott easily dodges and is ordered to use Aqua Jet. Pignite is knocked out, leaving Ash down to three Pokemon.

Pikachu using Iron Tail on Samurott

Ash next Pokemon is Pikachu, who has the type advantage over Samurott. Pikachu starts out the match with a Thunderbolt, but Samurott easily blocks it with his Razor Shell. Ash follows up by commanding Quick Attack, while Cameron orders Samurott to counter with Razor Shell, which knocks back Pikachu. Samurott follows up with Hydro Cannon, also landing a hit on the electric mouse. Cameron doesn't hesitate and commands Samurott to use Megahorn, but misses and Ash quickly orders Pikachu to use Quick Attack. Samurott is ordered to counter with Razor Shell, but once again proves to be very slow against Pikachu and is struck in the face by his Quick Attack. Ash tells Pikachu to follow up with an Iron Tail, which knocks Samurott onto the ground. Keeping up the pressure, Pikachu is commanded to use Electro Ball, while Samurott counters with Razor Shell, but is still dealt some damage in the process. Ash finishes the match by commanding another Iron Tail from Pikachu, knocking Samurott out and leaving Cameron down to three Pokemon.

Cameron calls out his fourth Pokemon, Swanna, while Ash keeps Pikachu on the field. Swanna flies into the air before Cameron commands it to use Pluck, but Pikachu successfully dodges. Swanna is ordered to use Pluck multiple times until Pikachu is ordered to use Quick Attack, causing Swanna to pull away. Cameron orders Swanna to use Wing Attack, knocking Pikachu onto the ground. Swanna then, follows up with a Bubble Beam, but Pikachu immediately stands and dodges it. Cameron keeps up the pressure by ordering another Wing Attack, but Ash commands Pikachu to use Electric Ball. As Swanna approaches, Pikachu jumps over him before launching his Electro Ball. Swanna is directly hit and is knocked out, leaving Cameron down with two Pokemon.

Cameron sends out his fifth Pokemon, Riolu, and states how everything comes down to him. Ash remarks that Cameron has only used five Pokemon up to this point. Cameron orignally thought that full battles were 5 vs 5, rather than 6 vs 6, therefore Riolu is actually his final Pokemon. Despite this mistake, he remains confident and decides to push on with Riolu in this match. Ash notices Pikachu's exhaustion, so he tells him to rest and calls out his fifth Pokemon, Unfezant.

Ash starts by commanding Unfezant to use Gust, but Riolu easily dodges. Unfezant follows up with Quick Attack, which also misses. Cameron commands Riolu to get on Unfezant's back and use multiple Force Palms. Eventually, Unfezant manages to shake Riolu off, and is ordered to use Air Cutter. Riolu evades and is ordered to use Copycat, which allows the user to perform any attack that their opponent recently used, Air Cutter in this case. The attack strikes Unfezant and Riolu follows up with Vacuum Wave, also striking him. Ash yells for Unfezant to attack with Aerial Ace, but to Ash's surprise, Riolu manages to grab the flying type and uses Circle Throw, knocking him to the wall. Unfezant is unable to battle, leaving Ash down to two Pokemon.

Riolu vs. Snivy

Ash calls out his sixth Pokemon, Snivy, to take on Cameron's Riolu. Cameron remarks that he has to win, despite the disadvantage, and he starts by commanding Riolu to use Vacuum Wave. Snivy successfully dodges and is commanded to use Leaf Blade. She hits Riolu, but with Ash forgetting, that gives Riolu the opportunity to use Copycat, leading him to strike back at Snivy with his own Leaf Blade.

Cameron commands the fighting type to use Vacuum Wave once more, and Snivy dodges. While she dodges, Riolu manages to get a hold of her and is told to use Force Palm, landing a direct hit. He follows up by using Circle Throw, knocking Ash's Snivy onto the wall. Snivy quickly gets back on her feet and after Ash makes sure she's able to continue, he orders her to use Leaf Storm.
Riolu evolving to Lucario

Riolu jumps over the leaves, but Snivy is ordered to follow up with Vine Whip, in which she gets a hold of Riolu and starts to repeatedly slam him towards the ground. Riolu uses Vacuum Wave once to break free and again to try and attack Snivy, but she dodges and counters with Leaf Blade, landing a direct hit on Riolu. It seems Riolu is finished, but manages to stand, although he's extremely weak. The episode ends moments later, when Riolu starts to glow and evolves to Lucario.

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