Canalave City

The port city of Sinnoh. The Sinnoh region's 6th Gym is located here. There's also a sailor who will give you a ride to Iron Island and Full Moon Island, the latter of which, being home to Cresselia.



First Visit
TM48 Skill Swap TM89 U-Turn
After Winning at Canalave Gym
Mine Badge TM91 Flash Cannon


Water Surface
Pokémon Rarity
Tentacool Common
Shellos Common
Tentacruel Rare
Gastrodon Very Rare
Old Rod
Pokémon Rarity
Magikarp Common
Good Rod
Pokémon Rarity
Magikarp Common
Finneon Common
Super Rod
Pokémon Rarity
Lumineon Common
Gyarados Uncommon
Staryu Uncommon

Important Locations and People

Move Deleter

In a house just north of the Pokémart, the Move Deleter will delete any move your Pokémon knows, including HM's. This is useful for transferring Pokémon to later Generations, which won't work if your Pokémon knows an HM.

Canalave Library

This three-story library in the northwest corner of the city contains a lot of information on Sinnoh mythology and the Legendary Pokémon. After defeating Byron in the Canalave Gym, Professor Rowan, Dawn/Lucas and the player's rival will all meet at the Canalave Library to discuss the Legendary Pokémon before an earthquake sends the player to Lake Valor.

Harbor Inn

The Harbor Inn is inaccessible by the player unless they have the key item Member Card in their inventory. This item was distributed by Nintendo Event and is currently unobtainable except by cheating. Entering the inn would trigger an event that takes the player to New Moon Island, where they can battle and catch Darkrai. Once the event has been completed, the Harbor Inn will once again be inaccessible.

Sailor Eldritch's House and Pier

The furthest southwest building in Canalave City is home to Sailor Eldritch and his family. After completing the Sinnoh Pokédex and obtaining the National Pokédex, an event is triggered when you speak to Sailor Eldritch which sends the player to Full Moon Island. Here the player will see Cresselia, who will vanish and begin roaming the region. When the player encounters Cresselia, they can catch the Pokémon, but Cresselia will flee after one turn every time.

The player can use the pier next to Sailor Eldritch's house to access Iron Island and Full Moon Island once it has been unlocked.

Canalave Gym

The Canalave Gym missed the redesigns introduced in Pokémon Platinum, and therefore maintains its design from Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. The player proceeds by battling trainers and riding elevators to reach Byron on the fourth floor.

Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl

Pokémon Level Type(s) Ability Held Item Moves
Bronzor Lv. 36 Steel/Psychic Levitate None Flash Cannon (Steel, Special) Extrasensory (Psychic, Special) Hypnosis (Psychic, Status) Confuse Ray (Ghost, Status)
Steelix Lv. 36 Steel/Ground Sturdy None Gyro Ball (Steel, Physical) Dragon Breath (Dragon, Sepcial) Sandstorm (Rock, Status) Ice Fang (Ice, Physical)
Bastiodon Lv. 39 Rock/Steel Sturdy Chesto Berry Flash Cannon (Steel, Special) AncientPower (Rock, Special) Iron Defense (Steel, Status) Rest (Psychic, Status)

Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon Level Type(s) Ability Held Item Moves
Magneton Lv. 37 Electric/Steel Sturdy None Flash Cannon (Steel, Special) Thunderbolt (Electric, Special) Tri Attack (Normal, Special) Metal Sound (Steel, Status)
Steelix Lv. 38 Steel/Ground Sturdy None Earthquake (Ground, Physical) Flash Cannon (Steel, Special) Sandstorm (Rock, Status) Ice Fang (Ice, Physical)
Bastiodon Lv. 41 Rock/Steel Sturdy Sitrus Berry Metal Burst (Steel, Physical) Stone Edge (Rock, Physical) Iron Defense (Steel, Status) Taunt (Dark, Status)

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