Casteliacone.png The Casteliacone, first appearing in Pokémon Black and White games, is a one-time-use item that cures the user of all status ailments - paralysis, poison, sleep, burn, freeze, and confusion.

In-Game Descriptions

  • Black/White: Castelia City's specialty, soft-serve ice cream. It heals all the status problems of a single Pokémon.

How To Obtain

• This item can be bought in shops in-game on some generations and game cartridges.

• This item can be traded between Black and White games, provided the Pokémon being traded is holding the Casteliacone as its item and both game cartridges can trade back and forth.

  • Black/White: The Casteliacone can be bought from a stand in Castelia City. You can only buy one cone once a week on every Tuesday, except for during the winter season in-game.

Similar Items

Items similar to the Casteliacone (that have the same effect) are:

The Full Restore also has the same effect, plus it also restores the user's HP to full.

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