Celadon City


[edit] Celadon City

Celadon City is a large city in Kanto, which boasts many interesting places as well as a gym.
Celedon.jpg Celedon City in the 3rd Generation.

[edit] Location

Celadon city is located near the heart of Kanto, its a large, important city which borders Route 7 and 16. It is located west of Saffron City.

[edit] Interesting Places

Celadon Mansion
Celadon Department Store
Game Corner

[edit] Pokemon

Generation 1
Poliwhirl (Red and Blue)
Slowpoke (Red and Blue)
Goldeen (Yellow)
All can be found by fishing.

Generation 2

Generation 3

[edit] Celadon Gym

Main Type:Grass

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