Celestic Town

Celestic Town is a location introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, and it returns in Pokémon Platinum. It is a very small town located near the center of the region that focuses heavily on the events of Sinnoh's past and its mythology. Unlike other towns in the region, it does not have a Poké Mart, but instead has an old couple that sells a limited selection of items out of their home.



First Visit
Pokétch App Analog Watch
Dragon Fang (Platinum Only)
HM03 Surf
Great Ball
Item Sellers (Old Man)
Air Mail 50P
Dusk Ball 1000P
Quick Ball 1000P
Timer Ball 1000P
Item Sellers (Young Man)
Choice Specs (4am - 10am) 0P
BlackGlasses (10am - 8pm) 0P
Wise Glasses (8pm - 4am) 0p

Important Locations

Item Sellers

This house, located in the northwest corner of the city, replaces the Poké Mart in Celestic Town. It sells the same wares, but without the familiar blue roof. The woman will sell typical Poké Mart fare, while the man will sell mail and special Poké Balls. A young man in the house will give the player glasses, depending on what time of day it is.

Elder's House

The village elder, who also happens to be Cynthia's grandmother, lives in the large house located at the north end of town. In Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, the player can come here to register their version's counterpart in their Pokédex ([[Palkia for Diamond, Dialga for Pearl).

Celestic Town Ruins

The Celestic Town Ruins are in the center of town, behind a shrine, where the player can battle Team Galactic. On the outside are murals depicting Palkia and Dialga, and inside is a mural depicting the Lake Trio and a glowing orb, possibly one of the Creation Trio. After the Stark Mountain side quest is completed, Cynthia will meet the player in the ruins and give her theory that the mural within the ruins is not the Lake Trio, but rather the Creation Trio surrounding Arceus.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl

In Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, the player will battle a Galactic Grunt outside the ruins. He is threatening to blow up the town with a Galactic Bomb, and the player is given the chance to battle him in order to stop him.

In Pokémon Platinum

In Pokémon Platinum, the player once again battles the Team Galactic Grunt, but after entering the ruins, is challenged by Cyrus. This is the first time the player battles Cyrus in the game, though it is not the first time they encounter him. If the player answers "yes" to Cyrus' questions, the battle will be initiated.

Pokémon Level Type(s) Ability Held Item Moves
Sneasel Lv. 34 Dark/Ice Inner Focus None Screech (Normal, Status) Ice Punch (Ice, Physical) Slash (Normal, Physical) Quick Attack (Normal, Physical)
Golbat Lv. 34 Poison/Flying Inner Focus None Air Cutter (Flying, Special) Poison Fang (Poison, Physical) Supersonic (Normal, Status) Bite (Dark, Physical)
Murkrow Lv. 36 Dark/Flying Insomnia Sitrus Berry Night Shade (Ghost, Special) Faint Attack (Dark, Physical) Drill Peck (Flying, Physical) Astonish (Ghost, Physical)

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