Charmander (Base Set)

CharmanderBase SetTCG.jpg
Base Set - 46/102
Base Set 2 - 35/130
Legendary Collection - 69/110
Evolution Stage Basic
Hit Points 50
Weakness WaterTCG.png x2
Resistance None
Retreat Cost ColorlessTCG.png

Charmander is a Pokémon Trading Card that is featured in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This specific card is part of the Base Set. For other Charmander Trading Cards, please see Charmander (TCG).

[edit] Decks

These are the decks that the Base Set Charmander appears in. No other versions of Charmander can be found here.

[edit] Pokémon Trading Card Game

[edit] Sets

[edit] Decks


[edit] Attacks

These are all of the attack(s) that Base Set Charmander knows. He knows two attacks - Scratch and Ember. Both are used to inflict damage to the Defending Pokémon.

[edit] Normal

Power 10
JPN Name '

Discard 1 FireTCG.png Energy card attached to Charmander in order to use this attack.
Power 30
JPN Name '

[edit] Pokédex Entry

Charmander - Lizard Pokémon
# Height Weight
004 2'0" 19 lbs
Obviously prefers hot places. If it gets caught in the rain, steam is said to spout from the tip of its tail.
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