Chuck is the Gymleader of Cianwood Gym. He specialises in Fighting type Pokemon. He really does enjoy to have a good battle but after losing vows that he will train for twenty-four hours. Once he is beaten his wife will gift the play with HM 2 (Fly). Chuck will give you the Storm Badge and Dynamic Punch (TM01)


Wahahah! So you've come this far! Let me tell you, I'm tough! My Pokémon will crush stones and shatter bones! Watch this! Urggh! Oooarrgh! There! Scared now, are you? What? It has nothing to do with Pokémon? That's true! Come on. We shall do battle!
Wha? Huh? I lost? How about that! You're worthy of Storm Badge!


After completing the national dex, you can get Chuck's phone number from his wife outside the gym any day and call him on Wednesday nights to be able to battle him in a rematch.

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