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The Cipher Admin rank is one that is first introduced in Pokémon Colosseum for the Nintendo GameCube, then returns in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. They are the most powerful trainers in the evil crime organization, Cipher. Most of them work to keep the Shadow Pokémon project running, while some do it for their own wants, like Snattle and his dream to become the Governor of Orre. Others have other reasons for being there, such as Eldes and Ardos, the two sons of the Grand Master of Cipher, who only wish to fulfill his dream.

They are the Gym Leaders of the Orre region in terms of their battles. They are all fought more than once however, as they can be found both in places that are required to visit in the story, and in places that can be visited by choice.

Generally, they do not specify in a special type. They all use powerful Pokémon, and some do have certain preferences. For example, Lovrina only uses "beautiful" Pokémon, while Dakim and Gorigan only use forceful, powerful, "macho" Pokémon.

[edit] Trainers

Cipher Admins (Colosseum)
Miror B.Colosseum.png DakimColosseum.png VenusColosseum.png EinColosseum.png
Miror B. Dakim Venus Ein

Cipher Admins (XD)
LovrinaXD.png SnattleXD.png GoriganXD.png EldesXD.png ArdosXD.png
Lovrina Snattle Gorigan Eldes Ardos

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