Cipher Key Lair

The Cipher Key Lair is a location in the northeastern corner of the Orre region. This Shadow Pokemon factory is exclusive to Pokemon XD.


The Cipher Key Lair is a factory used by Cipher to produce Shadow Pokemon. As a result of the massive size of this building as well as more advanced machinery being used, Cipher is able to produce massive numbers of Shadow Pokemon, many more than in Pokemon Colosseum. This is why many trainers in the game, starting at this location, have more than one Shadow Pokemon in their team, while in Colosseum everyone had a maximum of one.

The Cipher Key Lair is overseen by Gorigan, whose office is located on the roof of the factory. It is opened when Michael uses the System Lever on the main panel just above his office, causing an increase in voltage throughout the factory to the point where the machinery malfunctions and stops working. This is a pivotal moment in the game, as it marks the end of Shadow Pokemon production.

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