Japanese Name イブキ Ibuki
Species Human
Birthday October 21
Type Dragon
Relatives Lance
Dragon Clan Leader
Location Blackthorn City, Johto
Generation Gold/Silver/Crystal
Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Clair is the Gym Leader of the Blackthorn City Gym in the Johto region. She specializes in Dragon-Type Pokémon.

[edit] Appearances

Clair appears in the Gold/Silver/Crystal Game Series, along with the remakes Heart Gold and Soul Silver. She also appears in Pokémon Stadium 2 for the Nintendo 64. Her first appearance in the Anime was in the episode Beauty is Skin Deep. She also appears in the Manga.

[edit] Pokemon

Gold/Silver/Crystal Gym Battle
Dragonair - 37
Dragonair - 37
Dragonair - 37
Kingdra - 40

Pokemon Stadium 2: Round 1
Kingdra - *varying level
Ampharos - *varying level
Dragonair - *varying level
Rhydon - *varying level
Arcanine - *varying level
Lapras - *varying level

Pokemon Stadium 2: Round 2
Kingdra - *varying level
Charizard - *varying level
Nidoking - *varying level
Rhydon - *varying level
Gyarados - *varying level
Ampharos - *varying level



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