Clefable (Pokémon Jungle)

ClefableJungle SetTCG.jpg
Jungle Set - 1/64
Base Set 2 - 5/130
Evolution Stage Stage 1
Hit Points 70
Weakness FightingTCG.png x2
Resistance PsychicTCG.png - 30
Retreat Cost ColorlessTCG.pngColorlessTCG.png

Clefable is a Colorless Type Pokémon Trading Card that is featured in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This specific card is part of the Jungle Set. For other Clefable Trading Cards, please see Clefable (TCG).

[edit] Decks

These are the decks that the Jungle Set Clefable appears in. No other versions of Clefable can be found here.

[edit] Pokémon Trading Card Game

[edit] Attacks

These are all of the attack(s) that Jungle Set Clefable knows. It knows two attacks - the colorless type Metronome, and the colorless type Minimize. Metronome is a copying attack that steals the enemy's move and uses it against them; and Minimize reduces the damage done by attacks on the opponent's next turn.

Type Name Power
ColorlessTCG.png Metronome N/A
Choose one of the Defending Pokémon's attacks. Metronome copies that attack except for its energy costs and anything else required to use that attack, such as discarding Energy cards. (No matter what the Defending Pokémon is, Clefable's type is still Colorless.)
ColorlessTCG.png ColorlessTCG.png Minimize N/A
All damage done by attacks to Clefable during your opponent's next turn is reduced by 20 (after applying Weakness and Resistance).

[edit] Pokédex Entry

[edit] Original

Clefable - Fairy Pokémon
# Height Weight
036 4'3" 88 lbs.
A timid Fairy Pokémon that is rarely seen. It will run and hide the moment it senses people.
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