Clemont XY.png
Clemont in the XY Series
Gender Male
Region Kalos
Hometown Lumiose City
Occupation Gym Leader
Relatives Bonnie (Sister) Limone (Father)
Animé Debut Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
English Voice Actor Michael Liscio
Japanese Voice Actor Yūki Kaji

[edit] XY Anime

Clemont joins Ash Ketchum, and Serena with his sister Bonnie on an adventure throughout Kalos.

Current Pokemon:

[edit] Video Games

Clemont is the Electric-type Gym Leader of Lumiose City. He is the 5th Gym Leader on your way. His personality is the same as it is in the anime. His sister always tries to interrupt him and say his lines to the challengers of his gym. He even goes as far as going through a little "phase" after Bonnie interrupts him with him giving you the Tm.

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