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Coffin Pokémon
5'7" (1.7m)
168.7 lbs (76.5kg)
Gender Ratio
Male: 50%
Female: 50%
Evolves From
Evolves Into
Egg Group
Catch Rate
EV Yield

Cofagrigus (デスカーン) is the 69th Pokémon in the Unova Pokédex. It is a Ghost-Type, and it is known as the Coffin Pokémon.

Cofagrigus uses the Mummy Ability. A rather disruptive Ability, this Ability changes the opponent's Ability to Mummy when it gets hit with an attack that requires physical contact.

Yamask can evolve into Cofagrigus at Level 34.

Cofagrigus is in the Egg Groups Mineral and Amorphous, and it takes approximately 6,400 Steps for its Egg to hatch. It takes Cofagrigus One Million Experience Points to reach Level 100.




Cofagrigus takes on the appearance of a living sarcophagus. The upper part of the front of this Pokémon forms a face, and two sets of shadow-like arms are on the sides.

Gender Differences

Cofagrigus doesn't have any differences to differentiate between male and female.

Game Information

Original Games

Cofagrigus appears inside Relic Castle in Black and White, however it appears in areas deeper within the maze than that of its pre-evolved form Yamask. Cofagrigus can only be obtained by evolving a Yamask in Black 2 and White 2.

Spin-off Games

Cofagrigus appears at Wish Park in PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond after successfully merging Wish Park. Cofagrigus will have a task for you to complete. Complete this task, then defeat it in battle to befriend it. This will also befriend the Yamask that's in the area, and you'll be able to call Cofagrigus into battle as well.

Trading Card Game

Cofagrigus is listed as an Uncommon Card in the Dark Explorers set, and as a Rare Card in the Noble Victories (2) set.

Anime/Manga Information


A Wild Cofagrigus appears during the episode Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!. This Cofagrigus was working alongside a Wild Sigilyph to protect these ruins.


Cofagrigus has yet to appear in any of the Movies.


Cofagrigus' Manga Information is unknown as of writing.

Pokémon Information

Competitive Battling

Cofagrigus finds itself as a viable option in the Under-Utilized and Over-Utilized Tiers of Competitive Battling. In addition to having solid Defense Statistics, its Mummy Ability can be very disruptive, especially for Pokémon that rely on their Abilities to perform at their best. It also has access to a variety of support moves such as Trick Room and Haze, and its typing allows it to block Rapid Spin, preventing removal of entry hazards. It is a very versatile Pokemon both defensively and offensively, and its typing helps it wall certain Pokemon. Regardless the tier, Dark-Type Pokémon and/or Pokémon that use Taunt are capable of shutting Cofagrigus down.

Area Location

Game Rarity Location
Black/White 50% Relic Castle: B2-B6 & Maze
Black2/White2 None Evolve Yamask

Pokédex Entries

Gen Game Pokédex Entry
V Black It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies. They like to eat gold nuggets.
White They pretend to be elaborate coffins to teach lessons to grave robbers. Their bodies are covered in pure gold.
Black 2 Grave robbers who mistake them for real coffins and get too close end up trapped inside their bodies.
White 2 Grave robbers who mistake them for real coffins and get too close end up trapped inside their bodies.
VI X It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies. They like to eat gold nuggets.
Y Grave robbers who mistake them for real coffins and get too close end up trapped inside their bodies.
Omega Ruby It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies. They like to eat gold nuggets.
Alpha Sapphire Grave robbers who mistake them for real coffins and get too close end up trapped inside their bodies.


Base Stats Min- Min Max Max+
. 226 320 .
94 105 199 218
265 295 389 427
Sp. Atk
175 195 289 317
Sp. Def
193 215 309 339
58 65 159 174


Via Level-Up

Level Up
Level Move Type Power Accuracy Class
Start Astonish Ghost.gif 30 100 Physical.png
Start Protect Normal.gif N/A N/A Other.png
Disable Normal.gif N/A 100 Other.png
Haze Ice.gif N/A N/A Other.png
13 Night Shade Ghost.gif ?? 100 Special.png
17 Hex Ghost.gif 50 100 Special.png
21 Will-O-Wisp Fire.gif N/A 75 Other.png
25 Ominous Wind Ghost.gif 60 100 Special.png
29 Curse Ghost.gif N/A N/A Other.png
33 Power Split Psychic.gif N/A N/A Other.png
33 Guard Split Psychic.gif N/A N/A Other.png
34 Scary Face Normal.gif N/A 100 Other.png
39 Shadow Ball Ghost.gif 80 100 Special.png
45 Grudge Ghost.gif N/A N/A Other.png
51 Mean Look Normal.gif N/A N/A Other.png
57 Destiny Bond Ghost.gif N/A N/A Other.png


TM/HM - Gen 6
TM/HM No. Move Type Power Accuracy Class
TM04 Calm Mind Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
TM06 Toxic Poison.gif -- 90 Other.png
TM10 Hidden Power Normal.gif 60 100 Special.png
TM15 Hyper Beam Normal.gif 150 90 Special.png
TM17 Protect Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM18 Rain Dance Water.gif -- -- Other.png
TM19 Roost Flying.gif -- -- Other.png
TM20 Safeguard Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM21 Frustration Normal.gif  ?? 100 Physical.png
TM27 Return Normal.gif  ?? 100 Physical.png
TM29 Psychic Psychic.gif 90 100 Special.png
TM30 Shadow Ball Ghost.gif 80 100 Special.png
TM32 Double Team Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM42 Facade Normal.gif 70 100 Physical.png
TM44 Rest Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
TM45 Attract Normal.gif -- 100 Other.png
TM46 Thief Dark.gif 60 100 Physical.png
TM48 Round Normal.gif 60 100 Special.png
TM53 Energy Ball Grass.gif 90 100 Special.png
TM61 Will-O-Wisp Fire.gif -- 85 Other.png
TM63 Embargo Dark.gif -- 100 Other.png
TM66 Payback Dark.gif 50 100 Physical.png
TM68 Giga Impact Normal.gif 150 90 Physical.png
TM70 Flash Normal.gif -- 100 Other.png
TM77 Psych Up Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM85 Dream Eater Psychic.gif 100 100 Special.png
TM86 Grass Knot Grass.gif  ?? 100 Special.png
TM87 Swagger Normal.gif -- 90 Other.png
TM90 Substitute Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM92 Trick Room Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png

Via Breeding

Via Breeding
Move Type Power Accuracy Class
Memento Dark.gif -- 100 Other.png
Fake Tears Dark.gif -- 100 Other.png
Nasty Plot Dark.gif -- -- Other.png
Endure Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
Heal Block Psychic.gif -- 100 Other.png
Imprison Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
Nightmare Ghost.gif -- 100 Other.png
Disable Normal.gif -- 100 Other.png

Via Move Tutor (Black 2/White 2)

Move Type Power Accuracy Class
After You Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
Block Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
Dark Pulse Dark.gif 80 100 Special.png
Iron Defense Steel.gif -- -- Other.png
Knock Off Dark.gif 20 100 Physical.png
Magic Coat Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
Pain Split Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
Role Play Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
Skill Swap Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
Sleep Talk Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
Snatch Dark.gif -- -- Other.png
Snore Normal.gif 40 100 Special.png
Spite Ghost.gif -- 100 Other.png
Trick Normal.gif -- 100 Other.png
Wonder Room Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png

Evolution Line

Rare Candy Sprite.png
Level 34

Type Matchups

Type Attack Advantages Attack Disadvantages Defense Advantages Defense Disadvantages

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