Competitive Battling Guidelines in Generation 6


In order to ensure battles are fair and unbroken, the following guidelines have been established for competitive battling here on Neoseeker, adapted from Smogon's standards.


Generation 6

  • Uber Clause

Pokémon that belong to the Uber Tier are prohibited from usage below Ubers. This includes the following Pokémon and Hold Items:

  • Species Clause

Pokémon that are of the same species or evolutionary line cannot be used in the same team. The Pokémon's number in the Pokédex determines a Pokémon's species.

Example: Nidoran M and Nidoran F in the same team would not be in violation of the species clause, same with Volbeat and Illumise.

  • Hax Clause

Items that involve luck/RNG cannot be used. The following items fall under this clause:

  • One-Hit KO Clause

One-Hit KO (also known as OHKO) moves are not allowed. There are four such moves in all, and they are:

  • Evasion Clause

Moves that increase your Evasion as well as moves that reduce your opponent's Accuracy are prohibited. These moves include Double Team, Minimize, Mud Slap, Sand Attack and the like. Acupressure isn't recommended for this reason as there's a 1 in 7 chance of your Pokémon's Evasion getting doubled.

  • Sleep Clause

When there is one Pokémon asleep on your opponent's team, you cannot use a move that induces sleep on a second Pokémon. This includes Yawn despite the one-turn delay.

You won't be able to inflict another Pokémon with Sleep until the Sleeping Pokémon is fainted or awakens. Exceptions to Sleep Clause include using Rest as well as Sleep triggered by Effect Spore.

  • Self-Destruct Clause

When you are down to your last Pokémon you cannot use the following moves to try and force a tie. Usage of such moves results in an automatic loss in this situation. Those moves are as follows:

  • Abilities/Moves Clause

The following Moves and Abilities are not allowed on any Pokémon

  • Endless Battle Clause

This clause is designed to prevent the possibility of a battle from going on forever. A specific example involves the Harvest Ability and a Leppa Berry; such a combination isn't allowed under this clause.

  • Non-Released Clause

Anything that isn't available to the mass public without the means of hacking is ineligible for use.

  • Over Hack Clause

The use of any Pokémon that has higher Statistics than its maximum Ability is prohibited. An example would be having a value greater than 328 on any of Mew's Statistics with the exception of HP, which caps at 404.

Having more than 510 EV's on any given Pokémon also falls under this clause and is unacceptable. Also, having moves or Abilities that are on a Pokémon that isn't supposed to have them is not allowed, including Pokémon with more than 4 moves. Examples of this include "WonderTomb", also known as Wonder Guard Spiritomb, as well as a Turtwig using Flamethrower.

Additional Rules

While these rules aren't in Smogon's Standard/OU Competitive Rules, these are extra rules that you can use if you wish.

NOTE: All of the following rules in this section are optional.

  • Item Clause

Your team cannot have multiple of the same items. Under this clause each Pokémon has to be holding a different item. Exceptions can be made to this rule, be it the Choice Items, Leftovers, Rocky Helmet, Life Orb, etc.

  • Legendary Clause

No Legendary Pokémon can be used, and this includes any and all Legendary Pokémon.

  • Hack Clause

Any illegally obtained Pokémon is prohibited under this clause. Hacking parents to breed? Also prohibited under this clause, as is hacking Pokémon with "legitimate statistics".

Once something has been altered on a Pokémon through artificial means it is considered "hacked" under this clause and cannot be used as a result of it.

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