Confusion is a status condition. It has a fifty-fifty chance of making the user attack itself. This attack is physical, has 40 base power, and is typeless.

Because damage from being Confused is Physical damage, the Attack and Defense Statistics of the Confused Pokémon come into play. A Pokémon with a higher Defense than Attack such as Onix won't take much damage from Confusion, but a Pokémon like Sharpedo could take serious damage from being Confused because of its high Attack and low Defense.

Confusion is different from other status conditions in that it can be afflicted at the same time as another (ie: Paralysis and Confusion, or Poison and Confusion) and that that user is healed from it when it is switched out. Confusion will also wear off after 1-4 turns.

A Pokémon that has the Own Tempo Ability cannot become Confused, and Confusion can be avoided temporarily when Safeguard is in effect unless Confusion is self-inflicted as the result of an attack, such as Thrash or Outrage.

Curing a Confused Pokémon

In addition to substituting a Confused Pokémon and the condition's wearing off, Confusion can be cured by way of the following methods:

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