Contests Guide (Pearl/Diamond)


Super Contests

What is a Super Contest?

A super contest is a compettion between trainers with a single Pokemon. They are tested on Acting, Dancing and Appearance.

Part one: Appearance

In appearance you are judged on how well you dress your Pokemon with accessories from your fashion case. Sheen and how good your Pokemon's condition play a big part in this. Making Poffins from berries at the Poffin house in Hearthome city is a good idea before entering a contest.

Part two: Dancing

The dancing round can be controlled by touching the four buttons marked forward, Jump, Right, and Left on the touch screen. These can also be controlled be the Control-Pad or the X, B, A and Y buttons. Timing is essential during the first three performances. During your own, knowing the right beat is a good idea.

Part three: Acting

The final, and probably the most important, test. During this, you need moves that exemplify the area of the contest. Having moves that are low power and things like Explosion are a bad idea. Be careful which judges you choose. If, for example, your are last in the round. You choose between Dexter and the other Judges, and someone else has chosen them. If you are unique in your performance, you will receive three extra points. If one other chooses your judge, +2. If two others choose your judge, you get +1. If everyone chooses the same judge, 0. If you get the maximum voltage, you will receive 8 points from Dexter, and five from the other judges.

Suggested Pokemon

Six Pokemon were tested by Neoseeker member Zekira for contests: Salamence; Milotic; Raichu; Machop; Steelix and Delcatty. The results are as follows: Cool: Salamence - 5 Milotic - 4 Raichu - 3 Machop - 4 Steelix - 5 Delcatty - 3

Beauty: Salamence - 3 Milotic - 5 Raichu - 4 Machop - 3 Steelix - 4 Delcatty - 4

Tough: Salamence - 5 Milotic - 3 Raichu - 4 Machop - 6 Steelix - 5 Delcatty - 3

Cute: Salamence - 3 Milotic - 4 Raichu - 6 Machop - 4 Steelix - 3 Delcatty - 5

Smart: Salamence - 5 Milotic - 4 Raichu - 4 Machop - 3 Steelix - 3 Delcatty - 4

(Six being the best and 1 the worst.)

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