Artwork from Black and White
Name Cress
Gender Male
Region Unova
Family Cilan, Chili (Cousins)
Trainer Status Pokémon Trainer
Co-Leader of Straiton Gym // Co-owner of Straiton Restaurant
Appearances Pokémon Black
Pokémon White

[edit] Pokemon Black & White

Cress is the first Gym Leader you will face in the Unova Region if you chose Tepig as your starter Pokémon. He has two cousins, Cilan and Chili, who like using Grass and Fire types respectively, though Cress uses Water type Pokemon.

In battle, Cress uses a Lillipup, as well as a Panpour.

[edit] Pokemon Black & White 2

If you are playing Black or White 2, Cress will not appear to you as a gym leader anymore. Instead, he will either face you or assist you ( depending on your choice) in a double battle between him and his 2 cousins. He will carry a Slowking, Basculin and a stronger Simipour. Cress is arguably the toughest of the trio, and likes to think of himself as such. He can also sense the compatibility within trainers and he has his own fanbase because of his calmness and collectivism.

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