Cross Chop

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Damage
Fighting.gif 100 80% 5 -- Physical Symbol.gif

Cross Chop is a Fighting-Type move introduced in Generation II. The user crosses its forearms, then delivers a devastating double-chop that has a high Critical Hit ratio.

[edit] Pokémon that Learn this Move via Level-Up

Level Pokémon
37 Mankey
41 Primeape
43 Machop
44 Machoke
44 Machamp
49 Binacle
55 Barbaracle

[edit] Pokémon that Learn this Move via Breeding

Egg Group Pokémon
Water 1
Water 1
Human-Like Electabuzz
Human-Like Magmar
Field Teddiursa
Field Ursaring
Undiscovered Elekid
Undiscovered Magby
Human-Like Makuhita
Human-Like Hariyama
Undiscovered Riolu
Human-Like Croagunk
Human-Like Toxicroak
Human-Like Electivire
Human-Like Magmortar

[edit] Pokémon that Learn this Move via Sketch

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