Dark Tyranitar

Magma Spirit was the name of the deck used in the World Championships.

3x Dark Tyranitar

1x Dark Tyranitar

2x Dark Pupitar

4x Larvitar

2x Pidgeot

1x Pidgeotto

2x Pidgey

2x Jirachi

3x Dunsparce

4x Steven's Advice

2x Celio's Network

4x Bill's Maintenance

2x Copycat

1x Rocket's Admin.

1x Scott

4x Rare Candy

1x Ancient Tomb

2x Desert Ruins

2x Ancient Technical Machine [Rock]

1x Pokémon Retriever

3x Heal Energy

2x R Energy

3x Scramble Energy

4x Darkness Energy

2x Metal Energy

2x Fighting Energy

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