Deep Colosseum

The Deep Colosseum is a Colosseum in Pokemon Colosseum located under The Under. The player can gain access to this Colosseum after completing the game and battling Gonzap at the Snagem Hideout. You will obtain the D-Disk, allowing you to use the UFO in the the Under to descent into the large abyss.

The Deep Colosseum does not exist in Pokemon CD: Gale of Darkness as a result of the Under being buried.

Background Information

It is unknown how deep underground the Deep Colosseum is located. Upon entering the area where it is located, the player comes face-to-face with a large door that serves as the entrance to the Colosseum itself. The lobby is similar to most other Colosseums in the game, however the inside of the Colosseum has a distinct appearances consisting of a large fan right above the battlefield, bleachers for spectators, and pipes of varying sizes dispersed throughout.

Unlike most other Colosseums featured in the game, the Deep Colosseum rotates through five different sets of trainers instead of only four. The final battle of each set of trainers is a Cipher Admin, going in order of how you battled them in the game: Miror B., Dakim, Venus, and Ein. After completing the first four rounds, you will get to battle Deep King Agnol, a supposed final member of Cipher, who has a Shadow Shuckle.

The Deep Colosseum has the strongest sets of trainers of any Colosseum in the game. It also, as a result, gives out the most valuable prizes as well.

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