Distortion World

The Distortion World is a new location introduced in Pokémon Platinum.


In Pokémon Platinum

The player is brought to the Distortion World after Cyrus' attempt to create a new world with the power of Palkia and Dialga is stopped by Giratina. The player must complete a puzzle using the HM Strength, guided by the Lake Trio, to reach Giratina. The player will battle Cyrus and Giratina, and the opportunity to capture the latter is available. If Giratina is not captured, the player will have to go through Turnback Cave to find Giratina again.


The Distortion World is an alternate dimension said to be parallel to the Pokémon World. The only two entry points in existence are those at the Spear Pillar and inside Turnback Cave.

Physics doesn't apply in the Distortion World, so the land features are all drastically different than anything else in Sinnoh. The player is consistently walking up walls and surfing on upside-down waterfalls. Tiny island-like landmasses float far above a swirling vortex. Some platforms move the player between levels, as indicated by the Lake Trio, who arrived to guide the player to Giratina.


First Visit
Griseous Orb

In the Anime

In Giratina and the Sky Warrior, the Reverse World was introduced as an anime counterpart to the Distortion World. This dimension could be entered through reflective surfaces, and contained buildings and other architecture, though physics still had no hold. Giratina was the sole inhabitant, and was angered when the events of The Rise of Darkrai caused massive damage to the Reverse World.

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