Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den is located within Blackthorn City. After defeating Clair, she will say that you still haven't proven yourself worthy and will send you here. There are a couple of trainers inside that you can battle. There is a shrine said to honor Dragon type Pokemon and inside is a Dragon Master. He will quiz you to see how you feel about Pokemon. You'll get a Dratini no matter the answers you give, but if you answer all 4 questions correctly and "from the heart", then the Dratini will have a special move, Extremespeed. On your way out, Clair will finally give you the Rising Badge and the TM for Dragon Pulse.

Post-Elite 4

After meeting your rival on Mt. Moon, he'll come to train here. Once you decide to meet up with him here, Clair and Lance will show up to challenge you and your rival in a Tag Battle. All of their Pokemon are extremely high in level so don't do this until you've trained your Pokemon into the mid-upper 60s.

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