Dragon Scale


[edit] Dragon Scale Bag Sprite.png Dragon Scale

  • Japanese: りゅうのウロコ Dragon's Scale
  • Pokémon affected: Causes Seadra to evolve into Kingdra when traded.

[edit] Locations

[edit] Generation II

[edit] Overworld

[edit] Wild Pokémon (8% Rate)

[edit] Generation III

[edit] Overworld

[edit] Wild Pokémon (5% Rate)

[edit] Generation IV

[edit] Overworld (Heart Gold/Soul Silver Only)

[edit] Wild Pokémon (5% Rate)

[edit] Generation V

This Generation also has another way of obtaining a hold item from any of the Wild Pokémon that are holding this item. A Pokémon with the Pickup Ability can also pick up a held item that a Wild Pokémon is carrying, but it won't work if that Pokémon is already holding an item.

[edit] Overworld

  • Route 13
  • Route 18

[edit] Wild Pokémon (5% Rate)

NOTE: These Pokémon won't appear in Black and White until you've defeated the Elite Four and obtained the National Pokédex.

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