Duplicate Pokémon

Duplicate Pokémon or Cloning is a glitch in the game that makes an exact clone of your Pokémon. There are many ways to do it, but be very careful because cloning may corrupt your game data and completely erase it.


How to Clone

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Step 1: Move the Pokémon in your PC around so that you have at least 2 empty boxes.

Step 2: Move the Pokémon you want to duplicate into your party.

Step 3: Equip the Pokémon with valuable items that you might want to copy (e.g. Master Ball, Rare Candy, Nugget, etc.)

Step 4: Switch to an empty box in your PC. When it asks you if you want to save, select "yes".

Step 5: Deposit the Pokémon you want to duplicate into the empty box of your PC.

Step 6: Now switch to another empty box in your PC. CAUTION, when it says do you want to save, select "yes," but keep an eye on the message at the bottom.

Step 7: Text will flash across the bottom, saying "Saving, don't turn off the power." Right when the whole word "power" shows on the screen, turn off the power immediately.

Step 8: Turn on the power. Check your party and your PC box. If it worked, you should have the Pokémon in both your party and your PC box.

*Do you want to know how it works? When it saves the change in data, it first saves the data of the Pokémon in the box, then deletes the data of the Pokémon in your party. But if you turn off the GameBoy right between the save and the delete, you have both the Pokémon in your party and your PC box.

Pokémon Emerald

Step 1: Go to the PC in the battle tower. Must be on Emerald Version only.

Step 2: Deposit the Pokémon(s) you want to clone in any slot of Lanete's PC or, if you want to clone items, give the item(s) you want to clone to any Pokémon in the PC.

Step 3: Exit the computer and save your game.

Step 4: Withdraw the Pokémon(s) or item(s) from the PC that you stored in step two.

Step 5: Talk to the lady behind the counter closest to the PC, she will ask if you want to make a challenge.

Step 6: Select yes and choose any two eligible Pokémon from your party. She will tell you that you must save the game before making a challenge and ask you if that is OK. Select yes.

  • The game will freeze for 2-3 seconds.

Step 7: After, but not during, the freeze, turn off the game. It is not necessary to save again.

Step 8: When your game is turned back on, the cloned Pokémon(s) or item(s) will be both in your party and in the PC.

  • !WARNING! : If you deposit a Pokémon between saving and talking to the link battle receptionist, it will disappear forever. The first time you try it, use a Pokémon you don't care about, so you can make sure you have it right. You don't want to lose one of your precious high-leveled/legendary/one-of Pokémon! Do not clone 6 Pokémon at a time" and "Don't turn off during the freeze" Both cause you to lose Pokémon and/or MS's have been confirmed in our group!"

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

First off, go to the wireless router in your house (Or wherever you are). Now look at the lights on it. See one labeled WLAN that doesn't blink or anything? That's the light your going to be staring at for the next few minutes. Hey, don't be complaining, at least it isn't that little clock on your screen that makes you dizzy (Or the sun. Heaven forbid I ever see the sun again...). If you do not have that WLAN light, then I am afraid that you cannot use this method of the glitch and must use method one. Sorry.

To start off with, you'll need to go to Jubilife City and enter the GTS. If the Pokémon you want to clone is not in your party, fear not, you can deposit a Pokémon into the GTS from your box. I do recommend having the Pokémon in your party though, so for the rest of the guide I will assume it is in your party. There is a PC system in the GTS building next to the counter, take out the Pokémon you want to clone, and make sure there is at least one empty space or more in your party, since you will need it when you have finished cloning. (You don't really need the empty space since when you withdraw a Pokémon from the GTS and there are no spaces in your party, the Pokémon goes into your PC instead. I just suggest the space because you'll want both the clone and original Pokémon in your party when you're done so you can confirm that the glitch worked.)

Now enter the GTS (I know you're sick of seeing those three letters) and talk to the woman at the counter to go online. After connecting to Wi-Fi is done loading deposit the you wish to clone. Please look at the prevention [prevt] section of the guide to see what Pokémon you should ask for to lower the risk of losing yours.

After you hit okay and the little timer shows up at the bottom right (Look to the WLAN light on your router. Take note that when you hit yes, the light flickered a little bit. That was your DS communicating with Nintendo. Now keep staring at that light, it'll be a little bit. When it flickers again, turn off your DS. You have to be quick with it. Extremely quick with it. If you don't turn off the DS the second it begins to flicker the cloning won't work.

Now turn on the game and see if the Pokémon is in both your party and the GTS. If not, try again. Credit to: gamefaqs

This glitch has been fixed and may not work anymore

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