Elemental Stone

General Information

Various stones containing magical essences that cause certain species of Pokemon to evolve on contact. Be aware that once the evolution process begins, using one of the Elemental Stones, you cannot undo the evolution by pressing the (B) button.

Here's a list of all of the Elemental Stones:

Ways of Obtaining these Stones

These stones are obtainable in a variety of ways:

1. If you own a D/P/Platinum game, you can mine for them underground and hope to find one (The rarest ones to find are the Dusk Stones and the Dawn Stones).

2. Finding them on the ground in caves or on land.

3. Pokémon with the Pickup ability are able to "Pick up" there elemental stones after battle.

4. A new way of obtaining them, only available in HeartGold and SoulSilver, is to do a new event called the Pokéathlon. Each stone is available on certain days so spend the Pokéathlon credits wisely.

5. Another new way of obtaining these rare items is to participate in the Bug Catching Competition in the National Park. These stones are only given out to first place participants.

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