Entering High Link
Entralink (Japanese: ハイリンク - High Link) is a feature to debut in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, that allows players to connect with friends and walk around certain parts of the Unova region and is done through local wireless. Unlike trading and battling locally, this cannot be done via a Pokémon Center, only by going to a specific part of Unova can the Entralink be used. When the player concerned is not the host, everything looks normal. However if the player is joining another members High Link connection you enter a monochromatic version of Unova and your appearance changes to the multi player trainer type that the player can chose.

In High Link
When the player is in their friends' Entralink, they can move around and search for their friend. During the players time in Entralink they can complete several challenges in order to gain prizes. There are missions that allow you to team up with your friend to complete the challenge, as well as missions that require you to oppose your friend.


Mission Listings

Item Mission

Item Mission.png
  • US Name: Unknown
  • Japanese Name: Item Mission
  • Time Limit: 180 seconds
  • Reward: 5 Derudama

The player needs to go to Celestial Tower on Route 7 and hide an Ultra Ball in front of the entrance. If another player talks to the player during the mission, the player fails.

Battle Mission

Support Mission

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