Eon Pokémon

"Eon Pokémon" is a term used when naming Latias and Latios.

The two pokemon both have special moves that no other Pokémon know, Latias knows Mist Ball and Latios knows Luster Purge.

Only one Eon Pokémon can be caught in each of the Generation Three and Four games, depending on the version. Ruby players can catch Latios, Sapphire Players can catch Latias, and Emerald players have a choice of which color there Eon Pokémon is. With the release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver you may now have another opportunity to catch one of the Eon Pokémon, after you meet with Steven Stone outside the Pokémon fan club in kanto, he tells you which Eon Pokémon is roaming in the Kanto region and that he wants to try to do more research on why they're out there. In order to meet up with Steven, you must go to Saffron City and go to the Copycat girl's room and she'll tell you that she lost a Pokédoll and that you need to find it somewhere (of course she tells you this by mimicing you) so if you go to the Pokémon fan club you'll see a Pokédoll on a table and a man will give it to you. On your way out you'll meet steven, after you meet with him you can return to the Copycat girl's room and she'll give you a pass to go on the train.

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