Eterna City


[edit] Eterna City

Eterna city, located in the Sinnoh region, is depicted as an ancient city rich in historic Pokemon sites.

[edit] Location

Eterna City is located in western Sinnoh. It is the western neighbor of Celestic Town and close to Mt.Coronet. Routes 205, 211, and 206 all border this city.

[edit] Interesting Places

Eterna Codominiums
Eterna Gym
Eterna Museum
Galactic Building
Herb Shop
Cycle Shop

Located on the east side of town is a Palkia/Dialga statue depending upon the game. The conduminium is home of the Namerater as well as person willing to trade a Chatot for the much more common Buizel.

[edit] Pokémon

Sinnoh Dex


National Dex


[edit] Eterna Gym

Leader: Gardenia
Badge: Forest
Main Type: Grass
TM: 86 Grass Knot
Leaders Pokemon: Turtwig(Lv 19), Cherrim(Lv 19), Roserade(Lv 22)

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