Eterna City


Eterna City

Eterna city, located in the Sinnoh region, is depicted as an ancient city rich in historic Pokemon sites.


Eterna City is located in western Sinnoh. It is the western neighbor of Celestic Town and close to Mt.Coronet. Routes 205, 211, and 206 all border this city.

Interesting Places

Eterna Codominiums
Eterna Gym
Eterna Museum
Galactic Building
Herb Shop
Cycle Shop

Located on the east side of town is a Palkia/Dialga statue depending upon the game. The conduminium is home of the Namerater as well as person willing to trade a Chatot for the much more common Buizel.


Sinnoh Dex


National Dex


Eterna Gym

Leader: Gardenia
Badge: Forest
Main Type: Grass
TM: 86 Grass Knot
Leaders Pokemon: Turtwig(Lv 19), Cherrim(Lv 19), Roserade(Lv 22)

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