Fantina is the fith Gym Leader in Diamond and Pearl whereas, in Platinum she is the third. She has a purple dress with a yellow "X" on it. It is designed like her first Pokémon, Drifblim. Her Name in Japanese means Melissa.


At Contest Hall Entrance
Oh, I'm so sorry! Please excuse me. Are you entering a Contest? Tehehe... Enjoy yourself, please! Incidentally, Fantina, the Hearthome Gym Leader, also happens to be a Contest expert. And you may ask yourself, how do I know this? Well, I am Fantina! You may challenge me, but not yet! You must become much stronger. Then, you may challenge me!
When Challenged
Ohohoho!! Finally, you have arrived! Since I came to this country, always I try to learn new things. They hold Contests in this city? I say to myself, enfin, I will excel. That's why I dress this way. C'est une performance! Also I study Pokémon very much. I have come to be Gym Leader. And, uh, so it shall be that you challenge me. But I shall win. That's what a Gym Leader does, non?
Once last Pokémon is sent out
Oh, heavens. What is this? Is this my final Pokémon?
During Battle
Never give up, never surrender!
Once Defeated
You are so fantastically strong. I know now why I have lost.
After Battle
I am dumbfounded! So very, very strong! You, your Pokémon, so strong! Your power is admirable! I shall honor it with this Gym Badge!
Five* Gym Badges... But you must not forget this. There are many other trainers. Strong Trainers, too. There are many more in Sinnoh. Have patience! You must become stronger, one at a time.

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