Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!

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Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion! is the 116th episode of the Best Wishes series, and is a continuation of the N arc.



Kanto Starters

The episode begins as Ash, Iris, Cilan, and N enters the Kanto Fair. Ash starts to become nostalgic as he is seeing all sorts of Kanto merchandise. Getting very excited, Ash and Iris runs inside to check out the fair, while N and Cilan slowly follows them.

As the group proceeds into the fair, they here a voice and see someone on a monitor, who Ash confirms that it's Professor Oak. The professor is giving a presentation and introducing the Kanto region's three starters: Squirtle, a Water Type, Bulbasaur, a Grass Type, and Charmander, a Fire Type. N questions Ash on his first starter, where Iris replies that it was Pikachu. N asks how is that possible, considering that Pikachu is not one of the three starters, and Ash explains that he overslept and arrived late. The result was that all of the starters were gone, but Pikachu remained, so Ash decided to take him.

Once Professor Oaks finishes his video presentation, a lady comes onto the stage and introduces the Kanto fire starter, Charmander, to the crowd. Ash scans the Pokemon, using his Pokedex. The lady wants to show off some of its attacks, so she begins by commanding Charmander to use Ember. Charmander starts to spin while using Ember, leaving the audience in awe. Soon after, the fire Pokemon starts to becoming dizzy by spinning too much, causing it to run into some of the nearby equipment, which suddenly falls on Charmander, leaving it injured. Everyone wonders if Charizard is okay, and fortunately, it raises his tail, confirming that it's fine, although hurt.

He's taken to the Pokemon Center, where Nurse Joy is treating his injuries. She notice Ash and his friends standing outside, so she tends to them and confirms that Charmander will be fine.

Now that they are relieved, Ash and his friends sit down and Ash starts to explain to his friends how that Charmander reminded him of his own Charmander. Cilan appears confused and thought that Ash started his journey with Pikachu. Ash confirms that and also states how he caught Charmander, in which a lengthy flashback is shown. In the flashback:

Charmander attacked by Spearows
  • Charmander is shown in the rain covering his Tail with a leaf, lying on a rock abandoned. The trainer promised to return, although he really had no intention of coming back for it. Ash, Misty, and Brock, rescues Charmander from a flock of Spearow who were harming it. The trio rushed the fire Pokemon to the Pokemon Center, where Nurse Joy managed to treat it and keep its tail lit. Charmander left the center without warning, so Ash, Misty, and Brock head out to search, only to discover that the fire Pokemon is back where they originally found it. Later, Charmander's original Trainer returned after realizing the fire Pokemon's true strength and tries to get it to come along, but the fire Pokemon rejected him and decided to travel alongside Ash.

Ash continues to explain how his Charmander contributed to his journey, where more flashbacks are shown, such as:

  • Charmander's battle with Primeape, resulting in Ash capturing it.
  • Ash's gym battle against Koga, where he earned the Soul Badge due to Charmander defeating Zubat.
  • from the episode Sonw Way Out!, Charmander and all of the other Pokemon warming up Ash during the snowstorm.

Ash mentioned that it eventually evoled into Charmeleon, and it started disobeying him, as more flashbacks are shown in which the fire Pokemon is repeatedly using Flamethrower on his Trainer. Ash had no plans of quitting with Charmeleon, therefore he continues training with the fire type, and mentions that he eventually reached his final evolution stage, Charizard. Ash continues on his story, mentioning Charizard's disobedience, but continued to win battles as more flashbacks are shown such as:

  • Charizard defeating Magmar, earning Ash his Volcano Badge.
  • Charizard refusing to battle in the Kanto Pokemon League, resulting in Ash's elimination in the Top 16.

Cilan tells Iris that Ash's situation with Charizard is similar to her's with Dragonite, which she agrees. He asks Ash if Charizard started to change for the better, where Ash confirms it has once he took a trip to the Orange Islands. He goes into detail, in which another flashback is shown. In the flashback:

Ash and Charizard
  • Charizard is shown battling a Poliwrath which ended in the fire Pokemon's very first defeat. Charizard was severely weakened, with the flame on its tail ready to go out at any moment. Ash remained by Charizard's side through most of the night, where he treated the fire Pokemon to the best of his ability. Once the morning arrived, Ash sees Charizard fully healed and realizes that he earned Charizard's respect. With the fire type Pokemon now obeying Ash, he successfully defeated Polygon in a rematch.

Ash's friends are impressed with how Ash put countless time and effort, despite what he went through with the fire Pokemon. Iris asks what Charizard is up to right now, where Ash replies that it's in the Johto region training in a place called the Charicific Valley, where Charizards train to become stronger. Another flashback is shown:

  • Ash and Charizard met Liza, who runs the Charicific Valley. She gave Ash's opportunity to test Charizard's strength, but was shown to be no match for any of the other Charizards. Although a tough decision, Ash decided to leave Charizard with Liza to train in the Charicific Valley.

Ash mentions that his training in the Charicific Valley had paid off, in that he contributed to some of his crucial battles, such as winning Ash his Rising Badge, beating Gary in the Johto League, moving on to the Top 8, and defeating the Frontier Brain, Noland and his Articuno, earning Ash the Knowledge Symbol.

The lady and her Charmander appears and apologizes for any trouble they may have caused. Everyone is glad to see Charmander is okay, and Ash tells the Charmander to take it easy before it leaves with the lady. Moments later, Ash comments how he wishes to see Charizard again, which excites Iris and Cilan, as they want to see Ash's relationship with it. Ash makes a phone call to Professor Oak, who states that Charizard has arrived and is ready to be transferred. Ash decides to send in Unfezant, and finally receives Charizard's Pokeball.

Charizard using Slash

Ash heads back outside, where Iris, Cilan, and N are anxiously waiting to see Charizard. Ash takes a deep breath and calls out Charizard, who lets out a very loud roar. Pikachu climbs up Charizard's shoulder and greets him, while Ash approaches it, only to be greeted with a Flamethrower to his face. Everyone comments on the huge bond that's shared between the two. Ash and Iris call out all of their Pokemon to meet the fire Pokemon, when suddenly, Charizard and Iris' Dragonite glare at each other. Ash, who notices the tension between the two Pokemon, challenges Iris' to a battle, so Charizard and Dragonite can test each other's strength, which she accepts.

Dragonite's Dragon Rush

Iris begins the battle by commanding Dragonite to use Flamethrower, while Ash commands the same attack from Charizard. Ash calls for Charizard to fly, only for Dragonite to chase after it prepares a Thunderpunch, but Charizard counters with Wing Attack, successfully blocking the attack. Ash follows it up by commanding Charizard to use Slash, while Iris commands Dragonite to use Dragon Rush. Both attacks colllide, causing an enormous explosion.

Iris comments how strong her Dragonite is, believing that the battle is over, but Ash appears unworried. Once the smoke clears, it's shown that Charizard is unharmed, to Iris' surprise. Ash states with confidence that he's going to show Iris his Charizard's strength by using a dragon type move on her dragon type Pokemon, and orders Charizard to use its newly learned move, Dragon Tail, which strikes Dragonite directly. Dragonite manages to stand up, ready to continue the battle, but N interferes and calls off the battle, stating that he feels that the two Pokemon has earned each other's mutual respect. Charizard and Dragonite agrees with him.

Iris wonders how Dragon Rush wasn't effective on Charizard, as she states that it's super effective against Dragon Types. Everyone appears shocked, and Ash uses the Pokedex, which corrects her by stating that Charizard is a Fire/Flying type, which surprises Iris.

Finally, Ash praises Charizard on his performance and asks him to travel with the group once again. Iris and Cilan both state that they would be excited to have the fire Pokemon on their journey. The episode ends with Charizard accepting the request and Ash welcoming the fire type Pokemon back to the team

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