Flannery Anime.jpg
Flannery as seen in The Anime
Japanese Name アスナ Asuna
Voice Actors Lisa Ortiz (USA)
Rio Natsuki (JAP)
Hometown Lavaridge Town
Occupation Gym Leader
Gym Lavaridge Gym
Type Fire
Badge Heat Badge
First Anime Episode Poetry Commotion!

Flannery is the 4th Gym Leader in the Hoenn Region. She battles using Fire type. Pokémon.


[edit] Teams

[edit] Ruby/Sapphire

Slugma level 26
Slugma level 26
Torkoal level 28

[edit] Emerald

Numel level 24
Slugma level 24
Camerupt level 26
Torkoal level 29

[edit] Rewards

  • TM50 - Overheat
  • $2800
  • Heat Badge
  • All Pokémon up to lv 50 obey completely
  • Strength can be used outside of battle.

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