Flinch is a single turn condition that can be inflicted upon a Pokémon. When a Pokémon flinches, it can not make it's move as it normally would be able to. Some items, such as the King's Rock, give the Pokémon a chance of causing the foe to flinch upon inflicting damage. A Pokémon that takes it's turn last cannot make another flinch because the condition will not be carried over to the next turn.

A Pokémon with the Inner Focus Ability is immune to being Flinched, but can still Flinch due to the effect of taking damage when trying to use Focus Punch.

Moves that can cause flinching

Air Slash
Bone Club
Dark Pulse
Dragon Rush
Fake Out
Fire Fang
Focus Punch (Self-induced flinching)
Heart Stamp
Hyper Fang
Ice Fang
Icicle Crash
Iron Head
Needle Arm
Rolling Kick
Rock Slide
Sky Attack
Thunder Fang
Zen Headbutt

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